Fertility problems after lletz

Hi everyone

I was hoping to hear some other peoples experiences to put my mind at rest.

My story- I had my second smear test (first Normal) in January 2018. It came back as CIN3. Colposcopy and biopsy confirmed extensive cin3 extending to vaginal walls and so required LLETZ under GA. They removed quite a large portion; 18mm depth I was told. Since then I have had 6 monthly colposcopies for the last 4 years and numerous biopsies and all have been HPV positive with CIN1 on biopsies.

We have been trying to conceive our first baby for 2 years and we have so far had no luck. Every single investigation has been completely normal and I don’t have cervical stenosis.

The doctors say that there is no evidence that the lletz could be the cause, but I have noticed that despite the fact I ovulate I never get the cervical discharge changes that everyone says you should and actually often have nothing at all. I feel like my cervix just doesn’t do what it’s meant to.

I obviously would not change anything and I truly believe that the LLETZ saved my life, particularly since the persistent cell changes. Regardless, I guess I am trying to find an answer and wondered if anyone who had a similar situation noticed any changes during their cycle after or had any issue conceiving?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I know some time passed since you posted this but since I read on this extensively when they recommended the procedure to me, from what I understood about cervix and fertility is that it’s not just stenosis that can be an issue but also if they removed a portion or all of the glandular tissue which is the inside part of the cervix where the tissue is different from the surface, you would have a diminished or no capacity to produce the mucus which I believe has the role to help the sperm attach and enter. So that could be a cause, but I’m not a doctor.