Fertility options prior to chemoradiation therapy

Hi there,

I'm still at an early stage on my journey and I'm just looking for a little advice. I was doagnosed with cc with the thoughts a small op would remove the cells. However, after an MRI and such, cancer has been found in other areas of my body and chemoradiation therapy is the proposed treatment.

I'm having a PET scan on Friday and everything has thankfully moved very quickly. However, this has left me with so many unanswered questions regarding fertility.

I'm only 26 and have no children, but was planning to start a family with my partner over the next few years. Do I need to arrange to speak to someone about fertility options, as my Dr seems to have swept past that and I don't want to loae all of my opportunity of possibly having a family in the future.

Hoping for some advice, thanks!


Hi Hani,

So sorry to hear more you are needing chemoradiation. Be reassured that it is the best option for you. I'm 33 and don't have children either so know exactly where you are coming from. I was advised against trying to harvest eggs/embryos due to length of time it takes. I did however have my ovaries moved out of pelvis. They now sit just under my rib cage and are essentially fully operational. The idea behind this was to protect them from radiation. They have also injected them with a hormone to lay them dormant in the hope that they aren't too affected by the chemo either. There are no guarantees, they still may not function after all this, we won't know for about 12 months though. We have been told however that I won't be able to carry a pregnancy, they don't know what effect the treatment will have on an unborn baby.

I definitely have my down days when I want to scream from the rooftops. I think to get through you have to concentrate on you getting better. Life will take it's course afterwards. 

I wish you all the best

Rachel xx