fertility options post radical trachelectomy

We have been trying to fall pregnant now for over a year without much success. My partner and l have had all fertility tests done and found there is nothing wrong with either of us. My history is l had a transabdominal radical trachelectomy in 2013 and lymphectomy (of which was negative) and ended up wth cervical stenosis of which l had cervical dilation to open and then l had stitch put in laparoscopically (this was done over a few months). I think the reason we are not able to fall pregnant (besides having no cervix) is the cervix opening. I was wondering if anyone had had this problem and if they had thought about having the cervix somehow opened, or scar tissue removed? I don’t even know if that is possible? Also, has anyone had success with artificial insemination instead of IVF? I know this sounds crazy but l feel if the sperm could just bypass the cervix l would fall pregnant! I am not sure l’m mentally ready for IVF.

Would really appreciate any advice


Hi Lizzie

i had the same problem after my trachelectomy. My cervix was completely closed because of the stenosis. Nothing could get in or out! I did have it reopened, several times as it kept closing up again. Sometimes a few days after sometimes a couple of months after. 

We ended up doing IVF and having to time it perfectly so that I would have my cervix reopened then embryo transferred a few weeks later. And during those few weeks they kept checking every few days that it was still open and dilating it a bit if necessary. 

If you're cervix can be reopened and it stays open I don't see why you couldn't do artificial insemination. 

I'd be wary of getting too much, if any, scar tissue removed because if you do fall pregnant scar tissue is your friend! It makes what's left of the cervix very strong which is great if you don't have much cervix left.

what hospital are you with? If they aren't sure about the procedure or have never done it before I can put you in touch with the surgeon in London who looked after me. He is amazing. 

I found it quite stressful at the time and I was even told by an IVF clinic that surrogacy was my only option but i perservered. I carried my first baby to 37 weeks and I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with twins so it is definitely possible!

Lots of luck and give me a shout if you have any questions about it x



Hi Rocket


Do you mind me asking......were your twins a natural pregnancy or via IVF?  I've been led to beleive they will not transfer more than 1 embroyo for me via IVF as it is more difficult to carry multiples with a stitch in place.  You seem to be doing wonderfully though!!

N x

Hi Nellie

thank you! It was IVF and they did only put one embryo in as I was told that I shouldn't risk twin pregnancy. But the embryo split.  I didn't know until afterwards that there is a slightly higher chance of an embryo splitting with IVF.

its really not ideal but things have thankfully been good so far. My specialist said he hoped i would get to 32/34 weeks but I got my c section date today and I it will be at 37 wks (Unless anything happens before then)

wow you were able to carry twins? I was told i cant as well.  I did the mock transfer successfully today, but kind of tricky.  Next cycle i am supposed to transfer one embryo, but worried it will split to be twins.  

Hi Lizzie, 

There's a group on Facebook called TTL -  trachelechtomy group that I think you'd find really helpful. Loads of ladies in there who have gone on to have successful pregnancies who will be able to advise you. I believe some of them have had IUI treatment, where the sperm is passed directly into your womb near the egg to assist conception. I'm sure they would be more than happy to  advise you. Best of luck! 

Thanks everyone for replying. I had my first IUI last week and now am playing the waiting game....fingers crossed. I'll look at that FB page too, thanks Kat 80

Rocket 55 a huge congrats on your pregnancies, especially the twins. Certainly gives me hope! am thinking you may of had the twins by now & hope all is well. Best of luck xx