Fertility options after menopause

Hi everyone I am new to this and decided to join after calling jo cervical cancer trust and speaking with a lovely lady .. Here is a bit of my story at the age of 17 after giving birth to my son 2 months premature I had tests carried out to find the reason for this . This is when I was told i had cervical cancer I very vaguely remember being asked if I would like to freeze my eggs which I'm 99 percent sure I said no after at the time I was at such a young age and just had my son then this news children was the last thing on my mind and I was still in a state if shock. I had chemotherapy , radiotherapy and also internal radiotherapy these treatments caused me to go through the menopause at ages 17. (I am now 26 ) I was looking for information if anybody has had the experience I have as to what sort of fertility treatments may be available to me or what options I have of being able to have a child again. As I'm hoping my age is an advantage and hanging on the hope there must be something I could do to be able to have another child. I have booked to see my gp who I will ask to refer me to an oncology clinic but in the meantime was hoping anybody else may have advice or information with their own experiences x 

No experiece here, but didn't want to read & run. I think it would really hinge on what damage the chemo/radio has done to your womb... if you're post menopausal I'd expect you have no egs, so you would maybe need a donor egg to have a child?

Another lady recently posted about donor eggs - perhaps you should talk to her?

Best of luck to you - sounds like you went through a great deal at a very young age.

Lisagp x x