*fertility mentioned* - trying to conceive while awaiting annual follow up


Not really sure which board to post this in but hoping someone might have had a similar situation or experience, really just after people’s thoughts rather than any medical advice.

I had an abnormal smear (moderate) in November 2015, went for colposcopy and had a biopsy taken as nurse thought it was only CIN1, biopsy results showed viral changes only. My case was referred to MDT and my original smear test reviewed to ensure it had been correctly reported, they all agreed it was definitely moderate. I was then advised to come back in 8 weeks time for a repeat colposcopy to ensure something wasn’t missed the first time. I saw a different nurse this time who agreed it looked like CIN1 and took further biopsies. These results again came back as viral changes and I’ve now been discharged back to my GP for a repeat smear in a years time which is due either November 16 or Jan 17 - depending on whether you count date from original test or the date I was discharged from colposcopy having had no treatment at all.

My husband and I are trying to conceive and my GP confirmed they definitely won’t do a smear test if you are pregnant, they will wait until 3 months after the baby arrives and test then. They also advised that they would never recommend having a smear test less than 6 months after the last one. Since it was only 3 months since my original test we decided to let nature take its course and hope I fell pregnant quickly meaning the baby would arrive just before or around the time my smear was due and therefore I’d only be a couple of months late in having it done.

I fell pregnant first time of trying and thought that solved all my problems but have unfortunately just suffered an early miscarriage. Even if I get pregnant again this month I’m going to end up being at least 3 months late for my smear test but also know it’s unlikely to happen again so quickly so time pushes on.

Since I had no treatment at all it means that if abnormal cells were missed then they are still there as they weren’t removed so I’m really nervous to delay my smear by any longer than is necessary, equally I don’t want to stop trying to get pregnant until at least November as that’s 6 months away. I don’t mind my smear being a couple of months late but don’t want to push it back by 5 or 6 months or so.

I looked into getting a test done privately which I am more than happy to pay for but originally it wasn’t 6 months since my last test so didn’t intend to do anything about it on the nurses advice. However now I’m in the situation I am and it’s been 6 months since my original test. If I get a test done privately and it shows abnormalities I get referrred back to the NHS so not worried about having extra costs. However I don’t know if I’m just being completely paranoid and ridiculous to even consider another test now or if I’m being sensible given that there’s now a good chance I won’t be able to have my smear done when it’s actually due. It may still show abnormalities and I may end up needing treatment which delays trying to conceive (and also know that pregnancy can be a little bit harder if you’ve had treatment to your cervix) so in that sense would rather wait until after I’d had a baby but equally don’t want to wait so long that it has the opportunity to get worse.

Feel like I’m a bit stuck in the middle between wanting to just get pregnant and worrying about my smear test later versus getting it checked out again and treated if need be so that I don’t need to worry as much and not regret having it done so much later than it was due (but very aware of not being over the top when I trust the NHS guidelines).

just wondered if anyone had the same situation or any suggestions as to what they’d do.


I'm so sorry that you lost your baby.

I don't know how old you are, but I have an 18 year old and a 21 year old so I'm guessing that I''m way older than you. For what it's worth here's what I think.

Your next smear is due in November, which will be one year after the last one. I know that sounds like ages away, but it really isn't.  You could have your smear, get a clean bill of health and then off to the races, without any niggling worry in the back of your mind.  You could have a fab Christmas working on getting pregnant!

 There are several women posting on here who are pregnant/have tiny babies and have been diagnosed. Some of them have had to face really hard choices about their pregnancies and their treatments. Very, very tough.

So, again, for what it's worth, unless there's a really pressing reason to go ahead and get pregnant now, if I was you I'd wait.  It'll be November before you know.

Good luck.

Thanks so much for responding, really appreciate your input. 

when you put it like that it definitely puts things into perspective that my own health is more important. I guess it's the unknown that causes the stress, I may wait for nothing but equally possible I could wait & be pleased we did.

i think I might look into a private test now just to put my mind at ease one way or another!