fertility mentioned: antinuclear antibodies and hpv infevtion

Hi all,


Ive just had an antinuclear antibody test come back positive (this is an autoimmune test). It is positive for people with lupus and sometimes people with cancer as it indicates the body is attacking its own cells. I dont have an autoimmune condition (atm) but was wondering if cervical dysplasia can cause this as well. I had the test via my gp as i have significant fertility problems.


I know this is random and im not sure if anyone can help, but i would  be very grateful for anyone with any knowledge




J xxx

Hi J,

While I’m not 100% certain, I don’t believe that cervical dysplasia could have caused your Antinuclear antibody test to come back positive. Cervical Dysplasia is precancerous condition and is not an autoimmune disease.

My understanding:

When your immune system can mistake parts of your own body for foreign invaders. It releases special antibodies, called “autoantibodies,” that attack your cells and tissues. Normally, the immune system is capable of differentiating “self” from “non-self” tissue. However, when a person has an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakenly turns on itself, targeting cells, tissues and organs of your own body.

Cervical Dysplasia doesn’t have the virological characteristics of the autoimmune diseases that the Antinuclear antibody test tests for and thus wouldn’t trigger a positive.


I have lupus - diagnosed 7 years ago after struggling with severe fatigue, achy joints & lots of headaches. Do you have any of these symptoms ?

Hope your GP sorts out your problems.