Fertility Funding...so unfair :-(

Hello everybody!

I’m just posting on here for any advice or experience of going through fertility treatment.

Here‘s my story so far...

I was diagnosed with stage 1b cc and had a radical hysterectomy 4 weeks ago, leaving my ovaries to preserve my fertility. At my follow up appointment the consultant said it went well, had good clear margins and lymph nodes were clear however LVSI is present so given me two options - close monitoring every 3 months or radiotherapy. I am 32 years old and been with my partner for four years and we don’t have any children yet. Obviously I know having radiotherapy will ruin my ovaries so I asked to be referred to a fertility clinic to freeze some embryos before going ahead with radiotherapy. The consultant said the referral has to go through my GP so sent them a letter outlining my situation. Today I get a phone call from my doctors receptionist saying they will refer me but any treatment I have must be funded by myself.

This is literally just yet another blow to the system!!! I didn’t ask for this disease, it’s not my fault I am now infertile, I’ve had to deal with the diagnosis of having this awful disease (which took my Dads life earlier this year) and now I’m being told if I want a chance of a having a child through surrogacy I have to fund it myself. Feeling like I’ve really been dealt a bad deal at the moment, especially as me and my partner are just about to buy our first house together...more money! 

I know they have recently been cutting funding for fertility treatment but who is the GP to decide for me and get the receptionist to tell me over the phone? Should she not have discussed this with me first? Me and my partner wanted a big family, I would be so grateful for an opportunity to have just one child now and feel like that chance has been snatched away from me :-(

Has anybody been in this situation? I think the receptionist said something about appealing for funding but I was so taken aback I wasn‘t really listening properly.

Any advice would be much appreciated :-) xx

Hi Sponge,

So sorry to hear this hun, I know that the cost of fertitlity treatment is high but for women who have CC I feel should all be given the option for treatment with the NHS, like you said you didn't choose this and you shouldn't be having this opportunity taken away from you. 

I would definitely say that you want to appeal considering your situation and the fact that you haven't even had a sit down conversation with your GP, how ridiculous. 

Are you open about your CC? The only other thing I could think is setting up a crowd funding page to help with the cost of your treatment, I am sure that family and friends would help and even just random people who have been in the same situation. It's worth trying anything.

You are a young women but early thirties it's not as though you have years and years to go ahead and save your eggs either so they really should be offering you something. 

Really hope it all goes well for you x


Thank you for your kind response. As the day went on it bothered me more and more so I called my GP and luckily got an appointment for the next day! 

I had an opportunity to talk it through and they were actually very kind and agreed to apply for funding. She sat and filled out the application form with me which was good. She said considering my situation, my age and the fact that I have very limited time for egg harvesting she’s hoping for a positive result! 

So fingers crossed I’ll get some help! 

Whatever happens I will find the money from somewhere, even if it means dipping into our house fund I guess :-( 

It‘s just frustrating how everything in life seems much more difficult now after my cc and nothing is ever straightforward! But I must stay strong and positive!! 

Thank you again :-) xx

That does seem so unfair. I thought that you would have got this on the NHS seeing as you don’t have any children. I really hope you get a positive result. When will you know? Just out of interest what do you feel about surrogacy? Have you looked into the cost of it? Or do you have a family or friend who would do it for you?

Hello Rose,

So I did receive some good news...I got my funding approved! 

Me and my partner are currently going through the process now, just had our first appointment and they checked my ovaries which are luckily in a good condition! After more appointments and lots of paperwork I’m hoping to start hormone treatment next week and get things moving! 

I have accepted that surrogacy is my only option of having our own children and that’s that! I see it as better than not having the opportunity at all so worth a shot. I will miss out on 9 months of pregnancy and the feelings/emotions that go with it, but hey...men don’t get that either so me and my other half will be equal now :-) I have seen it can be extremely expensive, but it’s not impossible. We have luckily had 4 of our friends and family offer their services of renting out their womb for us which is amazing and so generous, obviously cuts the cost a little too. 

Just going to take one stage at a time at the moment and see where is gets us as there’s a long way to go yet, including my radiotherap :-(

Are you thinking of surrogacy? 


Aw I’m so glad your funding got approved, congratulations! Wow 4 people have offered, that’s amazing! I have had a few people offer as well but I’m not sure if when push comes to shove they would be definite, as they haven’t had their own children yet and I can’t imagine they would want their first pregnancy to be for someone else. 


I went to to see a doctor today who confirmed that surrogacy is really my only option and that there is zero chance of my convincing naturally. This was really hard to hear but it did at least bring some closure because I have been told several different things by different people. I’m not sure where you even start but I have asked for an appointment with a fertility specialist who has dealt with people like me ( with transposed ovaries) before. so that will be interesting. 


When do do you start radiotherapy??