feeling worried lots of questions


Hope you are all well. I was referred to gyne following repeated bleeding after sex. The gp did a smear, swabs and scan all of which were normal. All my smears have been normal. The consultant said I prob have erosion and they could do this during a colposcopy. I had that yesterday. During which he saw a large area of erosion but also a few white areas of abnormal cells. I was quite shocked as I wasn't expecting that. He took a biopsy which I will go back for next week. He said they were tiny areas.

The questions I have are: 

does this his mean I have hpv? If so has it been laying dormant or have i just picked it up ( I am a married woman been with him for 7 years)?

can u have abnormal cells without having Hpv? 

will the hpv go away or will it keep giving me abnormal cells? 

Im confused by it all! The more I read the more confused I am. I'm also worried. 

Thanks for for your help 


jennie x

Hiya hun, I totally understand what you are going through as I have had exactly the same issues, although I had never had a smear before due to my age. Firstly I also had the "white patches" sometimes that can be scar tissue from the erosion trying to heal itself or can be hpv ( you may of had it for years but hadn't damaged any of the cells so it wasn't detected in your smears )hence why they took the biopsy, I'm glad you will get the results quickly as mines been a horrendous 5 week wait! Let us know how you get on x


Hi Jennie

I was talking to the practise nurse at my GP's yesterday about exactly this.

She tells me that yes, HPV can lie dormant for ages, and you only need to have slept with one person to come into contact with it. I remember a post from a lady on here who had been with her husband for 14 years then got an HPV+ smear result, and she was quite certain infidelity had nothing to do with it!

You can have dodgy cells without HPV, but it's much more common to have them with HPV. HPV is present in most cases of CIN, which is why they now test for it with your smear.

The information that I have read says that the LLETZ treatment has, in most cases, the happy side-effect of kick-starting your body's immune system into fighting off the HPV. Apparently in 95% of cases, the treatment will remove the bad cells and when they do the 6-month test afterwards, the HPV will also have gone.

Of course there are some people who are not so lucky and the HPV hangs around, which can be a problem as it can then cause more cell changes. I guess we just have to hope that we're not in that unlucky group .....

all the best


Thank you all.  I do feel better about it all.  I'm glad they saw them cells as they are outside of the smear area so might never been picked up. Got some light bleeding now which I was expecting.  Fx that clears up quickly.  Xxx


I just thought I'd update....  So my erosion is a very large area and my cells were cn1 with hpv+.  On Wednesday I'm having a general and the consultant is gonna cautarise it all.  I really was happy to have a local but  he said he never does it under Local.  I hope this sorts it all.  Thank u all for your advice x