Feeling very confused... Colposcopy booked for Monday

Hello Ladies,


I am feeling a bit lost and am hoping for some advice and/or reassurance.

On Monday I had my coil removed and a smear. It was the most painful pelvic examinaction I have ever had. The Doctor said my cervix was very sore and inflamed and that she could see an area of damage on it. I have had a previous LLETZ procedure in 2006 and since then polyps which caused bleeding during my last pregnancy so some 'abnormality is to be expected'. I got up and got dressed then she explained that there had been contact bleeding from the smear and that I would be referred back to gynecology. I asked if I would get an appointment through with my smear results as has happened in the past and she replied that we weren't going to wait that long. She wanted me seen urgently.


The Doctor was very good but she didn't tell me not to worry or advise that this was a precaution. She and the nurse were both very subdued and clearly concerned by what they saw. 

I have medical insurance through work so I decided to make an appointment through them. My GP prepared a referral letter for me and I scanned and sent it to the consultant I am booked for. The letter describes my medical history and that I on examination she saw 'a very abnormal cervix' it then describes her examination and states that 'this is not a typical ectropion' and that she would like me seen urgently. 

I got a call from the consultant's clinic to tell me that the consultant will do the colposcopy on Monday.

My last smear in 2014 was clear so I guess that is positive.

 I found this site when I googled colposcopy and I have been reading through the posts. IAs Monday gets closer I am getting more anxious. I guess my fear is that there is a clearly visible problem and it might well be cancer

Anybody else experienced similar?




Hi tigger just wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow will be thinking of u xxx