Feeling Useless

Hi Ladies

I am post op 5 weeks from R/H and am not sure about how much I should be doing.  I have put on so much weight but can't stop comfort eating as I am still off work and so bored!  I have 3 girls who are all pregnant (due June, July and August) and the Doctor told me I wouldn't be able to pick the babies up!  As I am birthing partner to them this will be hard, is the Doctor being over cautious or will I really damage myself inside?  Arrrrggggg!!!!!  I feel so useless!  I really want to do something useful but people scaremonger me into thinking my insides will fall apart.  What would actually happen if I did lift something too heavy?  Phew, deep breaths :)  I'm just glad I had it done (cc1b1) but the lack of info I have been given is scandalous and the internet gives conflicting answers, any advice will be taken with a glass of milk, a packet of biscuits and a smile :)  Thanks, Jo

Hi Jo,

I’m at exactly the same stage as you! Not easy is it?

The only advice I have officially from the NHS is a leaflet saying ‘light housework’ until week 6 when I can drive and swim. Then light aerobics or jogging at week 8 and should be able to do everything as normal at 12 weeks.

So by all accounts I’d expect to be able to life things, even a baby, by mid June, that’s when I’m scheduled to return to work.

That’s all I have advice wise, I’m sure someone further along can tell you how it really is.

I was advised ironing is ok at week 3! There is no flipping way I could manage that now, never mind 2 weeks ago. I can stand for a short while and chop things for meals and maximum carry a dinner plate without feeling like I’m straining something. Walking wise I can do maybe 10 mins, very slowly.

Are you still on painkillers? I take paracetamol and ibuprofen still throughout the day, no idea if it’s ok to still do this but I need them.

Take care

Hi Jo, I had my RH last june, and was upside down in florida on the rollercoasters with my daughters 8 weeks later, my doctors said this would be fine to do, and was. You should be ok to pick the babies up in June i would have thought, if you feel unsure do it sitting down to start. Its about slowly increasing the amount you do to get your fitness levels back. Enjoy the biscuits! take care.


Jo, sorry i forgot to wish you good luck with all your new grandchildren, they will have sorted in no time.  And what a wounderful distractraction they will be.


Hi Jo,

Not sure there's a right answer to this as everyone seems to recover at different speeds. I had a radical hysterectomy & lymphectomy nearly 8 weeks ago. I was walking the dog by 2 weeks post op, doing light housework at 4 weeks & picking my 14 month old up (24llbs) and back to work at 6 weeks. I just did as much as i felt able to do, and rested when i needed. Now i feel completely back to normal (apart from the constipation!!) I would guess you should be fine to hold a new born by June, even if it w

as only a cuddle sitting down.


Good luck xxx



Thank you all.  I am now nearly 6 weeks post op and what a difference a week makes!!!  I have been to the docs and have been on anti biotics for 4 days and feel like a new woman.  I had a chest and wee infection so now they are starting to go my energy has come back and I picked up my 3 year old grandaughter so sod it lol!!  Back to work tomorrow but as I work from home on the lap top with the occasional visit out it will be easy.  Next, bring on the babies :) xx