Feeling Unwell Post Colposcopy

I had post menopausal bleeding, after 7 years of no bleeding or periods. It was spotty, not a regular period by any means and lasted about six days. I attribute it to using compounded tirzepatide and losing twenty pounds in just over a month. I was told this could happen. My gynecologist didn’t give this possibility any consideration at all.

I went in for an examination and had the same pap results in February of this year - HPV negative and AGUS. I had a uterine ultrasound and there were no abnormalities and no vaginal atrophy. Yesterday, I had a colposcopy. Gynecologist said everything looked good and there were no abnormalities with the cervix. She did a biopsy of the cervix as a precautionary measure.

Everything I read said I should feel fine within a few hours or a day at the most. However, I feel unwell - I have some cramping, which is normal, but I am having very noticeable lower back pain and I am a bit nauseous. I am taking forever to get out of bed this morning and don’t have the energy to ‘push myself’ to get going. Has anyone else felt this way after a colposcopy?