Feeling unsure

Hi , I had a lletz last week after an abnormal smear I basically went into the hospital after getting a letter the consultant said i needed to go in for a closer look under general an , I found out on the day (last Tuesday ) I was having a lletz , I got no verbal aftercare just a leaflet given and told to buy some ibuprofen. All that side is fine no bleeding at all just a few cramps and a metallic smelling discharge which I read on here seems normal . The thing is I feel as if I'm not getting any support from my family it's just as if it's been any other time yet I'm confused by whats going on will I hear from the hospital ? I also feel very emotional is this just a change in hormones ? I have also had some black bits in my discharge is this normal ? Sorry for all the questions but I'm quite shy and don't know where else to turn 

Please don't be shy about ever giving TMI or asking a question. We need the support from each other. 

My path has been some different so I don't have answers for you, but you will get your questions answered here. 

Hugs and Good Thoughts For You,



Hi Misshappy1981

Everything you are feeling is normal and experiencing is normal.  The whole process feels like an emotional rollercoaster doesn't it?  I was exhausted after my general anaesthetic and so anxious and wasn't sleeping well.  I used my family as a sounding board, and whilst they listened to me, I don't think they knew how to respond.  I found it hard to be logical when things felt so uncertain.  I'd also had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy earlier this year and felt I'd also exhausted their patience with me.

The colposcopy nurses at my hospital have been fantastic, if you're anxious I'd suggest you have a chat with them about your treatment and when you can expect results etc.



Hi there. Bless you it doesn't sound like you've had much support at all from the hospital etc. I imagine when they did the tests they took samples for biopsy which they will examine in the lab and then send you the results. It may be that they got all the cells and that's the end of it for you or you may need more treatment. I'm not sure how your hospital works but I got a phone call the first time with the results but you may get a letter. 

As far as the bits in your discharge, that's totally normal. I had bits of tissue that looked like skin in mine and then gravelly bits. 

With regard to your family etc it may be that they feel a bit awkward with it being your private bits! (If you know what I mean). I'm really close to my Dad but I still found it a bit hard to talk to him about my cervix! Ha. Maybe explain how you feel and I'm sure they will be more supportive. Or they might have wrongly assumed that you are ok with everything so they haven't mentioned it. 

hope you are ok and don't have to wait long for your results x x 

Thanks for all your messages, my o/h dad passed away the same week I had to go into hospital so we didn't tell anyone what was happening so I guess I never really shared how I was feeling with him perhaps we should talk :/ , I only ever saw a consultant and he said everything I needed to know was in the leaflet he gave me I found this site invaluable to find information , how long does it normally take for test results to get back to you I got a letter today with an appointment for a smear in January at the hospital but no other information. Looking at what some of you girls have gone through I'm really lucky to be where I'm at .