Feeling uninformed, worried and problems with previous histories - could this lead to cancer?

Hi ladies

The more I am reading your glorious happy/sad/worried posts, it is starting to make me feel a little more worried in myself and although I try to think I am a strong person - I've learnt over these last few weeks no matter how strong a person you are it will always affect you.

I have just had LLETZ coming up to a week ago for CIN3 (by the way, the treatment was actually fine - I psyched myself up for something for nothing! I didn't even feel the injections so please try not to worry! :-) ) I just feel as though the process has been uninformative in my case, and the only real information I have found is from these brilliant forums. 

When I had my first Colposcopy appointment with biopsies, the consultant was a little more informative than the most recent consultant. They ask about your previous history etc, and at the time I mentioned to her that as a teenager for a good few years I always had bleeding between periods/after sex. Back then I didn't think anything of it and stupidly didn't go to the doctor to sort it. It eventually stopped. However, 1-2 years ago I had the most unbearable, sharp pevlic pain cramps for no apparent reason, to the point I was curling over in pain not being able to move for a few minutes until it subsided. The second time it happened I was so close to asking my other half to take me to A&E, but I just thought they would send me home and say its nothing.

Anyhow, I mentioned all of these things to the consultant on my first appointment and she just shrugged her shoulders and said 'that was a long time ago its not really relevant'. At this point I thought maybe she was right, she is the health care professional after all and it probably has nothing to do with my results from the smear test. 

The more I am reading posts of people that may have had similar bleeding/experiences etc and it has been linked to what their results were, its really starting to worry me whether there has been something for potentially 5-10 years that I've never picked up on. Especially as this is my first smear (what if I have had something since I was 16 or 20 years old and its had time to grow?). I didn't mention anything to the second consultant at my LLETZ as I still had in my head it cant be linked as it was too long ago. Everything just seems a bit of a blur, my letter from biospy didn't tell me my results, I had to phone the hospital to find out it was CIN3, and the consultant at my LLETZ didn't seem keen on me asking too many questions and was just going through it like it was her job.

Sorry for the rant its only really just hitting home. I know the waiting is the worst part and I still have 2-3 weeks more to wait for results. Just wondering if anyone else has had anything similar happen to them or any reasurrance :-(


Lucy x

Hi Lucy,

It's all a bit stressful isn't it! Most of the information I've had has been from this forum too. I had my LLETZ the same day as you & from what my consultant said it sounds like they would get in touch extremely quickly if it was anything to worry about. Sit tight and let's hope we don't hear anything for the next few weeks!

Ally x

Hi Ally,

Thank you for your response! 

Its hard not to panic as you read some of the forums on here and people had to wait 5 weeks to get their results from LLETZ and it turns out they had cc, but I am a believer in no news is good news so fingers crossed for us both!

How are you feeling? I saw in another post you mentioned about not having any discharge yet. I'm dreading next week as I'm due on my period on Sunday, and have an away day at work and apparently on the agenda is some sort of team building exercise such as cycle ride/rafting! Although it would be of been two weeks by this point it's a little scary to jump into something like that if I'm heavily bleeding and I don't exactly want to tell everyone why I can't do it!

Hope all is well with you

Lucy x

Hi Lucy,

Know what you mean, there are some horror stories. It seems like our hospitals got us in for appointments pretty quickly though so don't think they will hang about if there's anything to worry about. Fingers crossed :)

I felt really washed out for a couple of days after the LLETZ- did you? Have started to get a bit of discharge now but nothing too heavy & no bleeding yet. I didn't have a break between my pill packets so I can avoid a period for a few more weeks!

What a rubbish time for team building!! Be careful- they say not to do any really strenuous exercise for 4 weeks after LLETZ. Maybe you will have to invent a fake water phobia :) 

Hope you're feeling OK- let us know if you hear anything

Ally x


I felt absolutely fine after lletz... However I started bleeding mildly last Thursday and have been since, Tuesday onwards it had been so heavy with clots its  little worrying, especially whilst I was away with the fear of leaking being sat in a meeting all day!! (Sorry for TMI) :-)

Luckily the activities werent too strenuous at all, however a few glasses of wine that evening and running up the road doesnt seem me the most sensible option now!

It has calmed down a little but I've never bled so much in my entire life! I also feel shattered this week and slightly weak/light headed on occasions. How are you feeling now? You had any results? I'm still holding out, with fingers crossed still!

Lucy x

Hope the bleeding calmed down for you! I still didn't have any at all, just a little bit of discharge- not sure why but not complaining! I've had the results now and I'm all clear- follow up in 6 months. Have you heard back too?

Ally x