Feeling stressed following colposcopy.


Smear test June 2018 came back as changes of unspecified origin. Should have repeated in Dec 2018, but was not informed. Repeat smear last month showed HPV positive, strain 59. On Tuesday I had a colposcopy at a private clinic (I live overseas). Never had an abnormal smear in the past (had one the previous year).

He took two what I consider to be quite large cone biopsies which was a bit of a shock. I have some pessaries for 6 days, and have a repeat appointment in 6/52. He said they would call if I need to go back before then. 

For context I had had some odd symptoms 2.5 years ago following a coil put in, they did lots of swabs etc, never cultured anything, wasn't thrush or BV. Since having my coil out (at the same time as my abnormal smear) all those odd symptoms stopped (smelly discharge etc). 

I was in a long term relationship between ages 17-38 (ended 2.5 years ago). Stressful seperation, adrenal fatigue, started a new relationship 18 months ago and after a long period of condoms we stopped using. Something makes me feel I have had the HPV for a long time, but the stress and coil insertion caused a nice happy medium for it to recurr and grow. Maybe I am wrong and its a new infection. 

My question is, is it normal to have cone biopsies taken at the first colposcopy? Does that mean visually had a high suspicion? I am driving myself slightly mad here. Thanks in advance.


(I am trying to keep my stress levels down, last month I also had a breast biopsy but thankfully was benign). 





Hi jlo78,

Are you sure it was a cone biopsy they took or just a biopsy? A cone biopsy is a witches hat shaped biopsy that I thought was only usually taken under GA, but I could be wrong. I had a colposcopy a couple of weeks ago and two biopsy were taken but they were just a small area of my cervix. They take these biopsies to confirm what abnormal cells are found and usually can tell you around a week later what the grade of abnormality is ie. Cin1-3.

Hope that helps. The waiting is so hard so I can sympathize with you.