Feeling spaced out one week after LLETZ


I had LLETZ exactly a week ago for removal of CIN3. The procedure was fine but yesterday I started feeling really spaced out and not really with it. Same today. I’m also feeling quite down for apparently no reason. Could it be related to the LLETZ? Has anyone else felt like this?

I haven’t experienced bleeding only a very watery pinkish discharge which is a nuisance but nothing too offensive.

I’m also quite worried about my results as I don’t really know what to expect; whether it will be a courtesy letter to say all done thanks very much or that I have to go back for more treatment or worst case could they have missed cancer after the initial coloscopy?

I was told on the day that there were also a lot of CIN1 cells on my cervix but they were in the wrong place to remove. Apparently they will sort themselves out and disappear overtime. I didn’t really take it in at the time as I was so relieved to have the awkward procedure over with.

Any input appreciated.

Thank you