Feeling sore

Hi, I'm 25 and I had my first PAP test almost 8 months ago. It came back positive for HPV and therefore I was sent for a colposcopy a week later. I wasn't worried at all, I don't get phased by much. The colposcopy was fine, uncomfortable yes, but the nurses and doctor were so nice. They took a small biopsy, which hurt a little but nothing major and I walked back to work. The results of the biopsy came back as minor CIN1 which meant I'd have to go for a second colposcopy in 6 months. A little miffed, but its better to keep monitoring these things. 

So almost two weeks ago I went back for the second colposcopy. I was a little nervous this time, it's never nice having a stranger look so closely inside your most private parts, but unfortunately as a woman we have to get use it.... I told myself to suck it up. He discovered more abnormal cells and decided to do a couple of biopsies. And now I don't want to freak anyone out, but I wouldn't stop bleeding. He spent 20 mins pushing cloth inside to stop it. I started getting incredibly bad stomach cramps. He dicided he would have to cauterise the area. Which meant I'd have to have a local anaesthetic. Im quite good at handling a stressful situation, so even though I was in agony I was determined to not be a wuss! He ended up giving me almost ten injections into my cervix because for some reason my cervix was rejecting the anaesthetic. I started bleeding uncontrollably from the injections which meant they had to use a suction tool as they cauterised my cervix. And because the aneasthic hadn't worked so well, I could pretty much feel most of it.

So after nearly an hour of this having my legs in stirrups and the doctor trying to stop the blood I was good to go. He said its incredibly uncommon for that to happen, I don't want to scare anyone, my first experience was easy. However he put me on a weeks course of antibiotics, and instructed me to not do any exercise for two weeks. Which is hard because I'm a professional dancer. During the week of antibiotics I was incredibly ill. I had a terrible infection with a fever and sickness. 12 days later I have my first ever thrush infection and I feel like I have a water infection. Im still passing a browny discharge and today after feeling great yesterday, I feel rubbish. The doctor did warn me it will take up to two weeks to get better, but I'm just a little concerned. Should I still be passing a weird discharge? Should I still be swollen? Should the outside skin be so cracked? I know I should probs go see my gp, I'm just so nervous. I'm dreading the results from this colposcopy, I dont want to go again. I'm pretry tough usually, but that experience was a little traumatic.  Has anyone else had a similar experience? I'm being such a wuss. 

Sounds like you were extremely unfortunate to have such an awful experience. I would definitely recommend you go and see your GP. You may well still have an infection if you're not feeling better and may need a more specific antibiotic to treat it. Take care.

I too have an infection. The pain is horrendous! I was put on an antibiotic by my GP as the symptoms suggested an infection. My GP couldn't fit me in to have a look so just went by the symptoms I gave over the phone. So to be sure, I also called the colposcopy clinic. They told me to go back in within an hour which I did.

They had anotherlook to see if all was ok, and he said he wasn't sure if there was an infection but to keep taking antibiotics. He took a swab to get checked for infection whilst I was there. He sent me on my way and said to wait for LLETZ and swab results. 

I got a call from my gp surgery three days later saying to stop taking the antibiotics and to collect a prescription for a different type. Not sure if it's taking effect yet, but I know infections can take a little while to shift.

I was on Metronidazole and am now on Clarithromycin. I'm hoping it's gone by the weekend!

Feel better soon xxx