Feeling so scared

I really need some advise please and I know this is the best sight to ask. I had an abnormal borderline smear in January with hpv after normal smears previously. Had a colposcopy and was all clear So was obviously relieved.  Went back for another smear and this time it was low grade with hpv. i had my colposcopy yesterday and now feel so scared. He found a polyp which is to be biopsied and some white cells showed up whi h also needed to be biopsied. I am so scared the polyp will be cancerous or they will find cancerous cells. Im just not thinking straight. He also mentioned once we get the results to do another test to look at the uterus not sure if it is to check for more polyps. To be honest half the thinks he told me I can't seem to even remember. Sorry for sounding silly its just that I have no one to discuss this with.

I would appreciate any responses. Thanks


Try not to worry :) easier said than done, I had low grade changes in the surface and usually they change back them self, ive not got any experience with polyps but if your colposcopy was clear in January usually cancer takes years to grow so try not to worry Hun xx

Hey I'm new on this .got a call that I got hpv and got go in for a biopsy  I'm scared to death.  

I have very similar except the nurse found the polyp when she took the smear, my colcoscopy is on Monday so I'm hoping to know more then....just scared at the moment.

I'll ask about investigating for more polyps while I'm there.