Feeling so scared and worried

Hi ladies, I really wasn’t sure where to turn to, until I found this site. Ok, so I had a smear 3 years ago for the first time, and I went through HELL, I got an infection on the biopsy, they detected CIN2 and 3 cells so removed them with a LLETZ. Once again, I got an infection as well as my period at the same time. After all that, I went back for a final check up and they said everything was fine, but I still had HPV… I’m terrified, as I’ve got another smear in 2 weeks today… I really don’t want to go through all that hassle and pain again… I’m so anxious about it.

My question is, will the HPV cause abnormal cells again since my last smear? What are the chances I have to go through all this again? I’m really hoping my results will come back fine and I don’t need any biopsy’s or treatment. If anyone can help, I’d be grateful, I just want to stop overthinking and worrying. I’m freaking myself to the point of panic attacks. Help!! X

We all feel for you but no-one can tell you what the chances are of having to have treatment again. Sadly, if HPV has caused abnormal cells before there is a chance, that, if it’s still there, it will cause problems again. However, equally many people find that after LLETZ HPV does eventually disappear, and if it’s been a couple of years (or a year) since your procedure this may be the case. It is what it is unfortunately but I hope too that your results come back clear. What seems more of an immediate problem is your anxiety about the procedure and the trauma that this causes you. Please talk to your doctor about this. It may be that you may need some cover antibiotics to stop you getting an infection, as that seems to be a problem for you. Also the experience itself is very upsetting and your health care team need to be aware that this is an upsetting and painful experience for you. I do hope that things all go well, but in the meantime you need to find some way to relax rather than panicking. X


Hello Emma88 I totally get you I am in a similar situation to you maybe just some months behind, I had LLETZ for CIN3 in May. Byopsy was CIN3 and CGIN. 3 months check no abnormalities all good
6 months check no abnormalities but HPV still there
I have to go back sometime early June to see if HPV has finally cleared. From what I been reading after Lletz we will eventually clear it my gynecologist said some women take longer but most clear it between 2 years. Majority in 6 months others just take a little longer. I been trying to find statistics about probability of reocurrence if HPV present after treatment but no abnormalities, but I have not been able to find anything substantial.
I am just going with what my gynecologist told me don’t worry you still got time to clear it . Good luck let me know how you get on. How long ago did you have Lletz? if you don’t mind me asking.

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It’s really good to know I’m not alone in feeling this way, I found myself to be a little silly worrying, but discovered it’s a normal reaction. Considering it was my first ever one, and going through hell. Most say it was bad luck. But now I am scared again. I went for my first smear back in Jan in 2019, I then had my biopsy around the end of Jan, and then I had the LLETZ in late February. I went for my check ups, everything was ok, but like you, HPV was still present. I’m really hoping the outcome will be the HPV has cleared on it’s own, and everything will be ok! I’ll definitely keep you updated. I’ll be having my smear on the 27th Jan, then awaiting the results. So updates will follow after! X

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Take care and try not to overthink
Whatever happens happens the good thing is to keep on top of it to stay well and that it won’t turn into something much more difficult to deal with .

Hi ladies,
I have fillings that I’m a lot of older than most people are on this forum, but with my luck in my 50 I have been tested in June last year positive for HPV, but my pap was normal. My doctor performed colposcopy for me, and we got results that I have CIN 1. I had LEEP in October. Also, my doctor gave me prescription to do HPV vaccine because she told me that it’s going to be helpful and effective with high-risk HPV. My doctor gave me prescription for this vaccine because I’m 51 and they are giving this vaccine at the pharmacies only up to ages 45 and without prescription. My doctor told me that latest study about HPV vaccine that vaccine is helpful for older woman too. I got two already and my husband got two vaccines also and we still have to do one more in April. Yesterday I did my pap test to check everything in three months after my LEEP. Waiting for results, very scared and worry about my results too… Also, I know that in my ages not easy for HPV to be gone… Have huge hope on this vaccine and just want to know if anybody’s doctors recommended HPV vaccine and if
anybody did this vaccine when they had HPV already.

Hello yes I had the vaccine after Lletz treatment had first one, and last one 5 days after my 6 months check, my gynecologist also recommended it I am 43 . Really hoping to clear it soon. Good luck with your results

Hiya, I’m 33! And I wasn’t offered the vaccine at all. I just went through the biopsy and LLETZ. I wasn’t even aware of the vaccine. Also my pap was negative. But clearly the HPV virus was the culprit of causing CIN 2 and 3. I’ll have to speak about this at my appointment x

Hello! I also have fillings older than many people on here!!! I have not been offered the vaccine but I do know that the lletz procedure can jump start your immune system into fighting the virus - I tested negative after 3 months and also after 6 months. I hope you find this reassuring. The shock of the whole thing after no problems until my 50s has made me reassess and prioritise my health more - I never considered myself to be at risk of cc but I think my immune system has weakened because of my age and the stress of going through a bereavement - I stopped eating healthily and exercising - I am now trying to manage my diet and stress levels better in a bid to keep my immune system as healthy as possible - I don’t take my health for granted any more. Are you in the UK or in a different country as possibly the advice given on the vaccine differs depending on where you live - I am too old to access the vaccine in the UK.
Anyway I wish you well and empathise with your anxiety; the anxiety and uncertainty has been the hardest part of my journey - however I am feeling much better than I was.
A x

I am also in my 50’s, 56 and normal pap with hpv. I’ve not heard you can have the vaccine this age, did you pay? Hope all goes well for you x

Yes, talk to your doctor and ask about vaccine! Really you don’t need your doctor for this because you are young, and you can do vaccine without prescription. Also, if you have insurance your insurance going to pay for this. But if you don’t have insurance, I know that best prices for HPV vaccine at Costco. I paid for my I believe $257, and this is for one dosage (you going to need three).
Good luck to you.

Hope you going to be hpv free very soon after vaccine and LLETZ.

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You can do vaccine in any ages, but your doctor have to give you prescription if your older woman.
My doctor that this is latest study about HPV vaccine that this is helpful for older women too! You have to pay and best priced for this at Costco ($257 for one dosage and you going to need three). Costco going to give you some discount too. Good luck to you.