Feeling so low waiting to have Lletz treatment

Hello ladies
Does anyone else feel like they are living under a dark cloud.
I had hpv positive severe cell changes, went for colopsy 21 June doc said there & then looks like CIN 1 & potential CIN2 still haven’t got official results back but a few days ago get a phone call from hospital being booked in for Lletz under general anaesthetic on the 19th Aug.
I’m just such a mess thinking the absolute worst. I’m not even worried about the pain or the procedure itself just the process of the unknown & potentially having cancer really affects me. I’ve never missed a smear & last year they came back low changes cin 1 & left it until this year to check up again.
I’m 31 a worrier no kids getting married next year. It’s really stressing me out. Sorry for the long message but seen so supportive women on here xx