Feeling so low waiting to have Lletz treatment

Hello ladies
Does anyone else feel like they are living under a dark cloud.
I had hpv positive severe cell changes, went for colopsy 21 June doc said there & then looks like CIN 1 & potential CIN2 still haven’t got official results back but a few days ago get a phone call from hospital being booked in for Lletz under general anaesthetic on the 19th Aug.
I’m just such a mess thinking the absolute worst. I’m not even worried about the pain or the procedure itself just the process of the unknown & potentially having cancer really affects me. I’ve never missed a smear & last year they came back low changes cin 1 & left it until this year to check up again.
I’m 31 a worrier no kids getting married next year. It’s really stressing me out. Sorry for the long message but seen so supportive women on here xx

Hi Hannah,

I’m also 31, no kids and there are occasions where I drive myself to the brink of insanity with worry. I don’t like to think of myself as a negative person but I do prepare myself for the worst which probably causes me undue stress & anxiety!

How did your LLETZ procedure go? Did they inform you of your results at the appointment?

It was actually my GP surgery who gave me my results. The colposcopy clinic advised they couldn’t give the results over the phone and they would be discussed at my appointment for treatment. I found it bizarre that I was just booked in for the LLETZ without discussing the other treatment options available! My colposcopy result was CIN2 so I opted for conservative management as I was making myself ill about having the procedure under local anaesthetic (I was told there would be a waiting list for a general anaesthetic appointment). I had my follow up colposcopy in July so I’m still waiting on my results…

I hope you don’t have to wait too long on your next result Hannah and I know it’s hard but try to keep your mind focused on something else and not worry yourself sick.

I’m here if you want to chat about anything at all xx

I totally sympthasise with the feeling of living under a dark cloud. I had a colcoscopy at the beginning of August which came back with cgin so booked in for a lletz next Thursday. Like you,the waiting and the not knowing what is coming is the worst time. I am getting myself into an absolute state,not sleeping and thinking of nothing else but I am now trying to tell myself that I won’t know anything untill after the procedure and then I will just gave with whatever comes my way. I am already telling myself the worse case scenario so anything else will be a bonus. Did you have any follow ups yet? Xx

Hi both, thank you so much replying.
(I’ve also realised I wrote this under the wrong sub heading should be abdornal cells.)

So Ive had a bit of whirlwind since I was meant to have my lletz on Friday, it didn’t go ahead on they sent me home and will rearrange….

Basically, I was never told my actual results from my biopsy, originally at my last app the doc said if we do lletz it would be done under local but when the hospital rang me to book my surgery they said it would be under general and no one could tell me why & also no one could tell me my actual results.
I also received a letter advising I need to stay on the 2 week pathway (didn’t even know I was on it & when I googled got pretty scared) so I just turned up for my surgery and asked all these unknown questions.
My results from biopsy don’t match what the consultant suspected (which was cin1 & cin2) they are inconclusive basically the sample they took only showed normal cells.
Anyway the lady who is like top dog gyneo on Friday said she would rather do another biopsy instead of such an invasive procedure, which she will do herself and said if she sees the abdormal cells she will do lletz there & then just under local anaesthetic (which is probably what should if happened about a month ago)

But seems like my case just got passed around & surgeries booked in but my notes weren’t read properly :exploding_head: and I’m kinda back to square one xx

Waiting for my next appointment for another coloscopy I think…! Gosh it’s all just a bit much isn’t it !

How are you both? Xxx

Just to add a bit of reassurance to you, when I was in the hospital it just so happened the lady who was going to do my lletz was very senior and reassured me these treatments and cells can take years and years to potentially change to something more sinister. And the treatment is very effective, this is all preventive. It did put my mind at ease a little bit. But we are all human and the mind is not a fun place to be at times. I hope your treatment goes well (the nurses are lovely) xxx

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Thanks for your reply, yes agreed keeping busy is the best thing. I try to think more logically too about the whole situation rather than let my emotions take over but can be hard.
What is conservative management? Xx

Hi hannag
Wow that sounds like a whirlwind and yes,it all seems so much to take in doesn’t it. So sorry you’ve had to go through that,it just adds more waiting time doesn’t it which is the worst bit. Thanks for the reassuring words that the top nurse gave you,always good to hear things from the horse’s mouth. I’m trying my hardest today to not let the mind wander but easier said than done lol. My appointment is next Thursday so I will keep you all posted :pray: