Feeling Silly

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to interpret my Colposcopy experience yesterday. I feel a bit silly, but I was so emotional throughout the whole thing, and I've woken up today as if it was all a dream! Another reason for feeling silly, is how long I left it to have my first smear test. I'm 29 and previously NEVER went to the doctors. I was 18 stone and embarrassed and so put off going. I now feel so stupid. I've since lost 6 stone, and don't have that excuse anymore. I work in Sexual Health now as well, got to practice what I preach! Well 2 weeks after my first smear, I got the 'Scary Letter' - do they really have to use the words high and severe?! Anyway back to my experience, I went to the Colposcopy clinic yesterday for the first time since my smear. There was only a four day gap inbetween getting the letter and having an appointment. I saw the most AMAZING set of nurses, in [Name of hospital removed]. They were so nice, I just cried my eyes out - weird isn't it?! I was just so embarrassed that I'd left it that long. During the Colposcopy, she said that there was enough to warrant treatment and so gave me Local Anaesthetic and performed a procedure. This is the bit I need help with - I had a wet towel put on my leg, and remember something being said about an electric current. Is this a LLETZ procedure? I hope this doesn't come across as the nurses not explaining things properly, they were talking to me loads, but it's all a blur. I've been told to expect a letter, either I've got to go in for more treatment, or I have a smear in 6 months. Does this sound correct? Thank you so much in advance - I can't tell you how helpful reading this forum has been, during my sleepless nights. If nothing else, I've discovered how mental my imagination is!

Hi Chelle

It's such an overwhelming experience isn't it? I didn't take in much of what was said during my colp either! 

It definitely sounds like you had a lletz procedure. They use electric currents and that needs to be earthed. They put that towel on my leg too. 

You'll be told if they've managed to remove all those bad cells and that they have what's a clear margin around the sample taken during the lletz. If that's the case then you're right regarding going back in 6 months time for a check up smear. If they've not got clear margins then you may have to get a little more taken off by lletz. 

Roxy x 

Thank you so much Roxy - you've massively helped! I see you have commented on other posts and you're amazing - let's hope karma is real and you've got some good stuff coming your way xx

You are very welcome Chelle :) 

Some people go through the abnormal cells found time with no worries while others, like myself, find it very difficult. But this site was a godsend to me and really helped. So I'm really pleased to hear that it's helped you too. 

Take care x