Feeling sick with worry

Hey everyone, I'm a new member here. I'm sorry to post yet another new thread about the same thing as so many other threads but I just want to get this all off my chest!

So I received my invitation for a smear at aged 24 which I was a little surprised about as I thought I'd have to wait until 25. I had been experiencing some pain during sex in my cervix and just had a bad feeling about it. No other symptoms, no bleeding or anything. So when my smear results came back as abnormal I can’t say I was surprised. I just “knew” that it would be abnormal.

My smear said moderate dyskaryosis. I went for my colposcopy yesterday and the doctor said that it was actually more severe than she thought it would be. She said I had a small area of what looked like CIN1 but a larger area of CIN2. She took three biopsies and said that the results would be back in a few weeks.

I’m also a health professional and she was very honest with me and said she does anticipate that I’ll need to see her again. As I’m young, not had kids, not a smoker she said my risk should be low so she didn’t want to do a LLETZ there and then but she didn’t sound all that optimistic.

I’m just... Cross? Angry? Confused? Sad? Worried? A big mix of crappy emotions really. My Mum and fiancé are really worried. I’ve been pretty cool about it so far, trying not to get myself worked up until I have the results back. But I just have a bad feeling about it.

There’s a lot going on at the moment. My fiancé is in the army and is about to deploy to Afghanistan for 8 months. I’m worried about him going and being alone and now I’m worrying about having cancer too.

They haven’t said anything about HPV- would I have been tested for it already or will they detect it on the biopsy? Also she said if she does a LLETZ I wouldn’t be able to have sex for 4 weeks... I’ve never heard this before and was surprised! Seeing as I’m about to undergo 8 months of celibacy I don’t want to have to abstain in his last couple of weeks at home! I know that isn’t my biggest problem and my health is more important I was just wondering if others had received the same advice?


Thanks for listening to be ramble. And good luck to everyone else awaiting results xxx


Sounds like a stressful time, in the not knowing what's happening :(. I had the LLETZ procedure, and to be honest was advised, three weeks minimum. This is mainly to allow healing, and stop any chance of heavy bleeding! or infection. Given your situation, I wonder if you could have the procedure in a little while, allowing you to be intimate for as long as is possible. 



I agree, maybe you could ask to have it after your fiancé has gone away seeing as it's not that long to wait? If the biopsies come back that you have moderate changes then I'm sure that would be possible. Mine were severe changes, CIN3, so I had mine removed quite quickly, but it's the same lletz procedure for moderate and severe changes. It's a massive nuisance...but not a painful procedure for most women and over within 10 minutes. They advise to wait to have sex to stop infection and you will also have a discharge for about 4-6 weeks (I'm on 3 weeks and mine has trailed off but is still there). Theh have probably tested for HPV already as i think its fairly standard if you have abnormal results from you smear. It's a stressful time, but believe me it won't turn out to be nearly as bad as you are feeling it will right now xx

Thanks guys. Yeah by the time I have the results back and then have an appointment made for LLETZ (if needed) he'll probably be gone anyway. I just never really considered the big C as an actual possibility for me. Even though it's still unlikely it's just scary to come this close.... And 3-5 weeks seems soooo long! I'm trying to treasure this time with my fiance and I want it to go slowly. But now I'm going to spend the whole time worrying. It's just really really crap :(

I know.. I felt the same. You never really expect to get a health scare and then when you do it shocks you. I was so confused as to how I went from being fine to knowing I had severe precancerous cells and worrying about the possibility of cancer so quickly. It does give you a shock,and is a worrying time. But honestly you will be fine, precancerous cells whatever their level are easily treatable and like I said it's a just more of a nuisance than anything. Nothing anyone could say to me made me feel better when I found out, but I was lucky in the sense I was in having it treated within a  few days so I didn't have as much time to continue worrying. You're bound to find the nexr few weeks stressful but after you've had the treatment, if you even need it, you'll feel so much better, so try not to let it get in the way too much of things x


I put mine off for 4 weeks (I was also CIN1 and 2) because I was off on summer holidays which involved riding a motorbike across France, and I didnt think that would be particularly compatible with "discharge" and "possible infection" or any of the other joys mentioned in the LLETZ leaflet.

I'm sure if you're CIN1 and 2 you can put it off until after hubby starts his tour, and try to make the most of your time until then :-)


Thanks for your replies everyone. I've just never had a health scare before, I've always tried my best to stay fit and healthy and now this has happened I don't really know how to cope with it! Things are already a bit stressful and I've been feeling a bit down about my fiance going away but have generally just been trying to get on with things. Now this is just the icing on the cake! I'm feeling pretty low.

I'm scared of having the LLETZ because of the risks it poses in pregnancy. Even though the risks are very very low it increases your likelihood of preterm birth and issues with cervical shortening. I'm a midwife and I see the implications of premature birth on a daily basis and now I'm even more terrified!

It's such a shock when it happens to you, isn't it? I am 44 and have had a 20+ years of clear smears and then this. I admit that I feel rather let down by my normally fit & healthy body :-( I can imagine with everything else going on for you at the moment, it must be sending your stress levels through the roof. I know it's easy to say, but I hope you can make the most of the weeks with your man before he goes off on duty.

Good luck, hun, and hopefully it'll soon all be over and done with.

I was told that it only increases the risk of premature birth by 1%. And if they are worried they can give you a stitch? I'm guessing you'd know more, but i know some of my friends mums had lletz years ago and went on to have children so problems so i'm trying not worry about that because I've already had it done and if you need it, it's necessary.  It's only 1% more than if you didn't have it so it is a tiny possibility and not something to add to the worries I don't think...In a few weeks time you will feel so much better about all this! Xx

I know the risk is very minimal and I shouldn't worry but it's just something else to think about on top of everything else! I just don't want to end up in that cycle of smear, wait for results, wait for colposcopy, wait for results, wait for LLETZ, wait for results and then wait for the smear all over again.


I'm sorry your going through this. 

I just wanted to say that I have had two premmies before having anything done to my cervix. I was told with our 3rd to expect another because of past history of premature pregnancy.  Our 3rd was born at 38 + 4. So a risk factor doesn't mean it will happen but can. From what I understand they can/will put a stitch in if needed.  

Hhope all goes well with your procedure