Feeling scared

Hi all,

I’ve been having painful periods for some time now. Been to the doctors a couple of times in the last few years, tried the coil to help, didn’t like it so had it removed and basically I suppose I’ve just put up with the pain as its only once a month and it’s probably just because I’ve turned 40 and heading towards menopause.

Anyway, as my flow started becoming unbearable as I was leaking through sanitary towels to my clothes and having to leave work to go home and change I decided it was time to see the doc again. Two ultrasound scans later I’m told I have a fibroid and referred to the gynaecologist for further investigation.

In the mist of all this my letter came saying I was due a smear test. So eventually when I could get an appointment (which took 2 months as only the nurse at the surgery does them now and of course she works part time and was booked up, and non of the local drop clinics did them either!) i had a smear test. I wasn’t worried about this as I’ve been for them whenever called for in the past and they have been clear, so I was expecting the same.

The smear result came Saturday morning showing high grade dyskeryosis and saying I’d be sent an appointment for a colposcopy within 5 days. I have to admit that this shocked me a little as all my previous smears have been clear. Anyway, I spoke to friends and colleagues at work who I knew had been through it, and was feeling pretty positive until today.

Today I had my gynaecologist apt she thinks that I have endometriosis and wants to do more investigation as the lining of my womb is thicker than it should be, which will mean me having two keyhole surgeries for her to have a look, but when I showed her the smear result she said that there was no point in scheduling these until I’ve had the colposcopy results as they might call for a hysterectomy and I needed to be disease free before any treatment. Ok so I get this but, I was just thinking they’ll get rid of the cells, job done! As where now I’m really scared…

Sorry for the long post but I’m hoping that someone can identify with my story a little and maybe inject a little positive feeling back into me x