Feeling scared

I had cin 3 and went for biopsys 2 wks ago the nurse was saying it looked very suspious of cc and rushed my results I phoned her yesterday to see if thay we're back and she said no she would email the lab to see we're thay our I have an appointment for tomorrow to see her and the consultant am very scared and confused I don't no weather it's a good thing there not back yet but then I think it might be a bad thing all sorts going throu my mind :(:( 

Nurse has phoned me and confirmed cc she said it's early sages she thinks 1b1 and it's not the aggressive one not sure what it's called am really scared now incase I have a MRI scan and it comes back worse than thay think is it possible I have an appointment with consultant tomorrow she thinks I could have cone biopsy and lymph nodes removed very scared of being put to sleep any adivce plz :( 

Hi Cvs,

I didn't want to read and run on you. Good luck for your appointment tomorrow, hopefully they will be able to give you some more information tomorrow so you will have an idea of where you stand. It must be extremely scary being told it looks suspicious and then having to wait like you have. Try and get some rest tonight (maybe assisted by wine) and be ready to face tomorrow knowing that knowledge is power. You may find that it has all come back fine, but equally it would help to prepare yourself that it could be not what you want to hear. If you are told your biopsies show some cc, do try and focus that it is highly treatable and you are in the very best care. Easy to say, I know...

Big hugs to you, I have everything crossed for you


Oh no, just saw your second post. 

I'm really sorry to hear this. It is probably going to take some time to sink in, even though you must have been a little bit expecting (if not dreading) it from what the nurse said at colposcopy. Doesn't make it any easier though...

I am sure someone will be along soon who has been in very similar shoes and can offer some great advice

Guess you could really do with that wine now

Sending you a huge hug. All the best for tomorrow, make a list of any questions you may have so you don't forget in the moment


Thanks a lot for your replys means a lot thanks :) Jo's web site has help me a lot aswell reading every ones story's and not thinking I was the only one who had problems x

Hi cvs read your post and just wanted to say I hope today isn't to daunting and they can clear things up for you to make u feel better about it all... Wishing you speedy recovery and big big hug xxxx

Big hugs cvs, hope it all goes ok today and you get the hope and info you need today x x x

Hi Cvs,

I had that exact treatment you are being offered. I was also aftraid of being put to sleep. In my experiance everyone was kind and calm and put me at ease. You will be given loads of opportunity to ask questions before and they keep you in recovery until you are ready to get back. The recovery is pretty straight forward but just lots of rest!!

All the best