Feeling scared

Hi Ladies

 I pray all is well for all of you. I am just feeling a little scared right now. Getting ready to go for my three year check up with a vault smear. My appt is Monday. Every time I go to my check up all these scared and nervous feelings come back and I worry what if it has came back. Does this feeling ever go away. Well hope that all is good for all of you wounderful ladies.

You can do this xxx

I hope you get great results lovely, will be thinking of you and sending loads of positive vibes.

love and hugs xx 

Hi Mmouse

I have my 3 year coming up to so have similar feelings. I wonder too if it ever goes away.

Sending you lots of hugs, we can do this.


Just wanted to update my post. I got my vault smear back and all was clear. This makes me 3 years since my treatment. I pray all you ladies are doing good. I also pray that all us will remain clear.

Amazing news! I am so very pleased for you. 3 years clear is fantastic, thanks for sharing the great news xx 

That is fantastic news, I am over the moon for you ❤