Feeling scared now and confused

I posted a long winded post earlier this week which im not suprised didnt recvieve any comments as it was probably as confusing as i feel!!  Feeling very low today though as i recieved a phone call on Monday from the hospital asking me to come in on Thursday.  I am now convinced its bad news even though I havent had any formal tests yet, just a GP's opinion.  Im a bit gutted as I have found out I will be seeing the male consultant instead of the nice female one and i am also feeling mortified that i am on my period.. I am hoping and praying that this red patch the GP saw is nothing but im struggling to be optimistic.  I neve rrealised that smear tests could have false negatives and thats all i keep thinking. I will try and remind my self of some positives 1) i saw a consultant in December 2012 who was happy my cervix looked o 2) scan in Jan 2013 all clear 3) smear in May 2013 normal result and at the time due to the nurse strugging to find my cervix (tilted womb) a dr and a nurse both looked at my cervix and said it was ok.  My brief background is diagnosed CIN3 in April 2010, LLETZ treatment and all clear followed by normal smear results.  Problem spotting between  some periods since Nov 2012 and recently informed i have a 2mm red patch on cervix (with discharge that i have never noticed).

Try not to panic too much, the consultant you have seen in the past will have a much better idea of what they are looking at than your GP. Your GP though will be acting in your best interest by getting it checked by the experts. The bleeding, discharge and the red patch could all be due to an ectropian, I developed one following lletz. The thing is that from what I have read, visually they can look similar to cancer so your GP is right to get it checked out but given your recent clear history and the fact that cervical cancer is normally an extremely slow growing disease my instinct would say its unlikley to be anything serious. Fingers crossed for you.

Thank you so much for your reply! I am an absolute wreck today and cant seem to talk myself into being more positive! If you dont mind me asking how long after the LLTEZ did you get the ectropian? Im just not sure it is that as i had that in 2010 and my problems strated 2 years later? It has happened before where the a GP thought my cervix looked unusual as reffered me straight to the hospital where the consultant said my cervix looked fine it was just unusual because of treatent i had recieved, however there was no mention of a 2mm red patch.  I really wish that last year the consultant had done a colposcopy but she seemed very sure one wasnt needed.  Thank you for your support, I hope everything is going ok for you x

I started getting symptoms a couple of months after, how did you get on at your appointment?