Feeling scared - cervical polyp? really need some advice please


I’ve posted on here about a month ago as I’d been to see a gynae for spotting and was well over due a smear (years).

I had a smear done whilst at the gynae appointment (it was private) and he noted a possible Polyp coming out from my cervics. He then took a smear and HPV test so both basically, and did a transvaginal US. The smear came back a few days later clear and the scan didn’t show anything else.

But I’ve been told to have the polyp removed. I had a holiday booked (for end of April) and just back. My Gp and Gynae told me to go and have procedure done when I return. Been told it has been to with a camera because can’t see where the growth is attached to as it’s coming out from cervix. I’ve read so many scary stories and the gynae told me 1 in 15 can be bad.

I’ve been getting lower back ache and a weird feeling in bladder region for over a month which is what prompted me to go to see a gynae. The back ache eases when I go bed and rest. In fact, first thing in morning is the time it’s not there. It gets bad as goes on and my back never aches same time as bladder. They switch and it’s weird. My back has been painful on holiday sometimes in the car, like muscle pull : ache. Then bladder when I’ve wee’d. Never before, so it’s like a full bladder or half full feels better than just as it can feel strange though not painful.

I’ve had bloody pink discharge prior to (hence appointment) but not loads.

My head is such a mess worrying. I feel really alone with all this tbh. I’ve got lots of mates but none of them get it. None of them understand my feelings and fear.

Hi Izzy,

You are not alone. I had a cervical polyp removed 5 days ago.Felt some cramps for the first 2 days after the procedure but I’m feeling okay now and back at work. Results will be available in 2 weeks. I was told they are not usually cancerous. I hope it goes well for you.

Hi izzy

Hope this helps i too had a polyp removed in lockdown. The anxiety/ fear was awful. The procedure was over quickly and then the wait for thankfully a benign polyp. Mr google whoom i always overuse advised that most are benign.
I am currently waiting for biopsy results after punch biopsy so back on the merry go tound of anxiety.
Sorry to read your story but try to take the positives you are in the system and being cared for i hope it goes well .

The thing is, it can’t just be taken off by twisting because of where it is. It’s coming out of my cervical canal. I think it’s around 2cm ish based on what my GP said. So I’m stressing because if CC can be cells at later stages what could a potential growth be. That’s my concern :confused:

What’s happened with you lately? Was the polyp not linked to now or is this different?