Feeling sad (children mentioned)

I finished my treatment in january and started taking hrt 2 months ago. It really has made a difference to the hot flushes and I had started to feel more like myself again and had even started applying for jobs (I was self employed and going back to long hours is draining just thinking about).

Over the last few weeks the diarrhea has returned and fatigue has kicked in again. Despite a few wobbly moments I have dealt with everything fairly positively but I am finding that I am getting increasingly sad about going through the menopause at 32 (and before my mum).  I am really fortunate that my broodiness kicked in when it did as I have two beautiful daughters who were just 2 and 10 months old when I was diagnosed at stage 1b2.  I had always hoped for 3 children so I think I may be grieving and that's where the feeling of sadness is coming from.  Being the age I am there are lots of friends and family who are either pregnant or having babies.  The youngest is still only 22 months now but I feel like I have been robbed of her babyness as for months I was too unwell to take care of her by myself.  

I am so grateful that the treatment was successful but I think that the reality of what has happened has finally caught up with me.  I find myself getting really cross with people and just how insensitive they can be (or more likely how sensitive I am :)  

How have you other menopausal ladies coped?  Has anyone else felt the same? My husband has been amazing throughout as have my family, but they can sometimes be unsympathetic as to them I am better now that I have had the all clear!


****Children mentioned***

Hi i am behind you in terms of treatment but feel exactly the same in terms of children. I am 26 and have a 5 and a 2 year old and an 8 month he was only 5 month old when i found out.


it felt strange giving responsibilty of them to other family members as i was a full time parent and yes i feel like i am missing out on the babyness of my now ten month old.


although we have 3 we same as you wanted that one more and i have mixed feelings at the mo like i am lucky to have three and it means more to get better and spend rest of my life with my three wonderful children, but then the niggly side always creeps in and says but when i beat this cancer, cancer will always have beaten me over my fertilty.


it is mentally confusing and i am sure with time and support we will get our heads around it and hopefully carry on as best we can for our children we do have

I haven't had my hysterectomy done yet, am not menopausal yet but I felt a strong desire to let you know that I am sprry to hear you are going through menopause at 32, I am sorry you couldn't have child #3 and mostly am sorry that you feel you lost out on baby time. I am a single mommy and find this whole thing tough...have many days and nights where all I do is feel sorry for myself...because, well, somebody has to.

I say let yourself experience all the sad feelings...who can be positive all the time. Best to cry it out and get it over with..

Hope you feel better soon :)