Feeling relieved..


I've just got home from having a colposcopy and Lletz treatment. 

I had my smear result a couple of weeks ago that showed 'high grade dyskariosis'.. 

I have not had a smear in many years (lesson learnt) so you can imagine how it made me feel.

Anyone who has been through this or is here because they have just received an abnormal result will understand how suddnely your life goes on hold. For the last 3 weeks now I have not had a day where I haven't cried about it, or a decent nights sleep, I've had to take some leave from work as I also work for the nhs and have not had the heart to smile at people. This has literally bowled me over.

Today though, I have been on the other side and have experienced how it feels to be sat In the waiting room. I was met by the nurse who took me into the treatment room where there was another nurse and a doctor. They all introduced themselves and were very professional throughout.  I have had some  'typically severe pre-cancerous' cells removed from my cervix which they have sent off for testing, 2 weeks for the results .. I'm ok now, it's just like a period pain, simply rest and regroup I guess, oh and stalk the postman again!

My reason for posting here now is for two things .. Firstly to say a big THANK YOU to all the people that have posted their experiences here, it has certainly helped me So far.

Then secondly NOT to say 'Don't worry' !! I was fed up with hearing those words .. How can you not? It's natural.. But do rest assured that there are some great staff at your hospital too that will get you though this horrible emotional ordeal. 

I feel nothing but relief today, knowing I have been examined and treated is a huge weight off.. I've done nothing but worry despite everyone telling me not to.  I know I'm not alone and a lot of women have been through this and understand. Find someone to talk to and keep your chin up. Results pending ...

Almost a smile. x


Hi glad your treatment went ok. I've got my colposcopy on Tues after waiting 4 weeks. Just like you say wishbone would hurry up and get here to know what the outcome is. A day doesn't go by where u don't think or worry. My smear  said borderline changes  but positive for high risk hpv . Take care xx

Hiya Amanda,

The waiting is the worst bit.. I've literally driven myself mad with worry. Im not out of the woods yet but the journey has began. There is nothing anyone can say to you to take the stress away, its frustrating and really did upset me.  I wasn't in the room for more than half hr.. It doesn't take long. That's the chat too. It's the worry and fear of the unknown I guess. 

Find a good friend and keep your chin up. Hope it goes good for you. x