Feeling really down

Feeling sad tonight just not happy sore hips and legs oh aye nothing wrong with them though just chilling watching telly can't work anymore due to being sore couldn't work all day to much for me I've tyred it's just rubbish sorry for my wee rant Leanne nearly 2 years dec I was diagnosed with cancer and now 20 months past treatment 

Awww leanne,  I'm so sorry that you are struggling so much.  We had our diagnosis and treatment and the same time.

The fact that your scans are clear is amazing but obviously all this pain must be stressful.  Have you looked into your diet? Perhaps see what foods would be good to eat as a an anti inflammatory or even for arthritis.  I know you haven't been diagnosed with anything that's causing problems but this could help x 

Aww thankyou I never thought of this I will look it up and see what I come up with I've been doing yoga and a balance class once a week each class but I just end up crippled the next day in trying and I've booked to go to the gym through a cancer charity whare I live xx so hoping this will all help in the end xx

Hi there leanne

well I met an elderly gentleman recently and he swears by taking turmeric to help with pain , he tells me he doesn't need his regular pain meds anymore , i just thought I'd mention it as its a natural remedy however  I'd obviously recommend you check this out first but if it's OK to take then might be worth a try .

love Greeni 

Thankyou I will look into this xx