Feeling really down after Colposcopy

I had my Colposcopy a week and a half ago. Im feeling really upset because no matter how clean I try to be I still have a horrible smell down below. I had baths and showers and I used the femi wipes. Im getting a grey colour discharge also which is smelly. Does anyone know what I can do please. I dont think its infected. Its probably only me that can smell it but its really getting me down.

Hi hunny, sorry to hear your feeling down :( I think it sounds like you have got an infection as you shouldn't be smelly down there, it's nothing to be embarrassed about tho it's just because of the colposcopy (if you had a biopsy) I had mine 2 weeks ago and I was back to normal after around 5-6 days. Go to the doctors and tell them the procedure you had and the symptoms you have and they will give you antibiotics and it will clear up within a few days. 1 thing I will say tho is not to use any perfumed products and if you have a shower then shower instead of bathing as that way no Water can get inside you and aggrevate you. So don't feel down its not your fault, you will be back to normal ASAP! Good luck :) ring the docs in the morning, explain and they will book you in for the afternoon! Xxx

thanx hun. I had a LLETZ along with My colposcopy. I am still getting slight cramps. I will phone my doctor in the morning. Thank you for taking the time to reply..xx

No problem at all :) I think it's def worth a trip to get some antibiotics, they can't do any harm hey :) hope it all goes well tomorrow and hopefully you will start to feel back to normal over this next week. Take care xxx

As for the cramps etc, I personally haven't had a lletz as I'm waiting for my biopsy results, yet my close friend had one on the 29th jan, she found that she was crampy for the first 2 weeks then after 2 weeks bled a little more, she is on week 3 now and she feels back to normal and no symptoms tot cramps. So hopefully ur over half way now as you had it over 1.5 weeks ago xxx