Feeling really anxious

Hi everyone,

I've never done anything like this before but I've recently had my first smear test (I'm 24) and the results came back as having high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis.

Stupidly, i googled it and now im proper panicking. I've been referred to the colposcopy clinic at my local hospital to have the colposcopy to see what's going on up there. 

Can anybody give me any advice/an insight into what the colposcopy is actually like?

I have really bad anxiety anyway so naturally I'm overthinking and worrying. If anyone can give me any advice I would really appreciate it. Luckily my boyfriend, parents and flatmate are incredibly supportive but being told that 'I'll be fine' isn't helping even though I know it's their way of trying to calm me down and make me worry less. 


Thank you to everyone in advance :) 



Hello! Colposcopy sounds worse than it is! They put in a dye to see the bad cells you have and look at them with a microscope

then they will tell you how bad the cells are and what treatment you should have if you need any or they I'll just take a biopsy to have checked 

it's really not that bad at all- it's the unknown  our nerves that make it worse!!



I have really bad anxiety too especially concerning hospitals and needles. 

Its honestly no worse than a smear except you might be able to smell vinegar as they use acetic acid to dye your cervix. They also put your legs in stirrups rather than letting your knees fall to the sides.

Ive had about four or five colposcopies now and I panicked about the first one but afterwards I realised it just feels the same as a smear. They may offer you treatment there and then if they want to remove the cells and they give you anaesthetic for this.

I also had high grade changes and after lots of "wait and see"s I had LLETZ treatment last week. 

You honestly have nothing to worry about withbthe colposcopy. Xx

Hi Emily


i am 26 and have had exactly the same experience as you. I got a letter saying high grade dyskaryosis. 

i went to my appointment today and it was as others have described - popped in stirrups  they looked with the dye then took a tiny biopsy. I was nervous as I get anxiety etc too but I honestly didn't feel a thing! They even said at one point 'may be a little uncomfortable now' and I didn't notice! 

I have to wait for the results but the dr said she is sure it's cin 2 and I will just have lletz under local. 

Then all done. Don't worry about the big c word ... this is all good work to prevent you getting anything more sinister. 


I'm in the same position. The colposcopy is not much different from a smear test in terms of discomfort. I couldn't even feel my biopsy but I was very anxious about it.


i just had my lettz treatment and I am awaiting results and it is vey distressing. it wasn't painful just caused a lot of anxiety.

Thank you so much to everyone that's replied :) 

My appointment is on Monday morning thankfully, the sooner the better I think. I'm less nervous now after reading everyone's comments so thank you!xxx

Colpo wasn't bad. Some cramping. Worst part was just the stupid speculum! 

Hi everyone,

Colposcopy was absolutely fine until they took the biopsies. The nurses were absolutely wonderful and i had my boyfriend there to support me but it was pretty horrible. I found the colposcopy really uncomfortable and painful towards the end, was so emotional and exhausted for the rest of the day but recovered quite quickly, although the colour of the discharge  (sorry!) was rather strange lol.

Had 4 biopsies taken which were sent off and they came back as high grade severe. Was told itd be 4-6 weeks but they came back within 2! Been booked in for lletz next Tuesday which I'm even more nervous about although reading this forum has helped so thank you girls! 


Best wishes to everyone ❤