Feeling quite confused


So I went for a smear in August, got the letter through for a colposcopy for the 7th September. 

The doctor introduced himself and said they are doing a LLETZ and the next thing I know my legs are in the air and the world was looking up my vaja. 

Nobody has said anything about CIN's or dyskaryosis or any thing. 

I was told two weeks for the results and that's all I know really. 

Afterwards, I had a cup of tea and was sent in my merry way with a letter that said no sex, no exercise and no tampons. 


I'm quite shaken by the whole palava 

This sounds like very poor care from your consultant and quite tramatic for you :( I would definitely phone the clinic or your GP surgery and ask them a bit more about what level of CIN the smear showed so you feel more informed and empowered. I think you will find them to be quite helpful. Good luck and hope you are feeling a bit better today.

Didnt you get the letter with your smear results? I had a letter from the cervical screening program with CIN level, then another one from the local hospital for the colpo. Sue's right, your GP is the best option -they should have had a copy of the letter with your smear results.

Blimey you sound pretty philosophical for someone who has just been hoicked into a chair and had LLETZ foisted upon them!! I think I would have gone into meltdown if mine had happened like that!!


Thank you ladies 

I onlay had a letter informing me of the appointment for a colposcopy.


Feeling less shaken and more angry today, I'm a yoga instructor and have had to cancel all my clients for 4 weeks! 

I have an appointment with my gp tomorrow so I am hoping that she can tell me what's actually occurring 

I know exactly what you mean- my consultant was definitely on the speedy side and although she was nice she really rushed through the talking bits- a quick 'no sex, swimming or tampons' and off I went. I was glad I had read some of the leaflets on here beforehand as that's where I've got the information I needed!

Hedge81 mine was the same. I've just been told to wait for results letter. Have you heard anymore?