feeling pretty low

Been nearly 3 months since thiis nightmare bloomin started n i could still get diagnosed with cancer. I'm worried sick especially since my lletz n the swelling going down under my arms n neck, didn't even realise how much they'd swelled either cos it must of been slow, unfortunately they went down overnight n i''m thinking thats a really bad sign, as well as the other symptoms i already knew i had before lletz, i just wish my bloomin results would come back, hopefully i'll hear soon. Its worse when your alone n not busy, feeling rather low at the minuite i get the feeling i may have alot more waiting to do.p>

I'm sorry I haven't really got much to say to make you feel any better so thought I'd send some virtual hugs! 



Thanks Johanna, reallly appreciate those virtual hugs, been way too long since i had a real hug xxx

Oh dear,
I am really sorry to hear you are feeling so low… I don’t know what to say except I hope you hear something new. Chin up, gal!
Big hugs and much love,
Dons x
Pirates of Caribbean on at mo so put captain jack on, eat some chocolate and try not to think too much xxx

Thanks dons, n thats a good idea johnny depps well hot. xxx

The waiting is the worst. Try to stay positive. Eye candy and chocolate usually help!  Hope you hear something soon. Good luck and keep us posted. X

When you're alone and not busy are the worst times for feeling low and worried - as I well know!  Hoping you feel a little brighter today after a dose of Johnny Depp (and wouldn't we all like a dose of him, lol!!).

Hopefully you will hear something soon and I'm keeping everything crossed for you that it will be good news.

Please remember that you may feel lonely at times but you are never, ever alone with all of us to support you through the bad times.

Love & hugs


Thanks alot ladies, n johnny did cheer me up abit last night, unfortunately i’ve spent half this morning crying quietly in my room away from the kids. Its so hard when you feel alone, i fell out with my bestfriend a couple of years ago after alot of crap happened with my sister n daughter. I really miss him now, he was always there to give me a hug when i felt low, n now i’ve got no one it makes me feel very sad and alone. This forums been a great help and all you ladies are wonderful, i hope all our hardships end soon, lots of love n hugs sharon xxx

Oh mate,

what to say? Big hug. Empty your heart out on here instead...

sounds like you need to buy the pirates of the Caribbean box set from asda this afternoon to set you up for the next few evenings. Mr deep can help us all!

sometimes you do need to cry in a room by yourself though, no matter who you have got to talk to or not. This time is important. I'm lucky with the people I have around me but still cry alone and feel very sorry for myself. Medicinal in some way, I think.



Thanks Don, i’ve got to tidy up now before my sister n friends come rnd later to watch films. Hmmm time ti put a brave face on while there here, then i think after they’ve gone i’m gonna watch st elmo’s fire, at least then i can cry at the film, i do everytime i watch it, its my favourite film though its got really sad bits in it, one of the characters reminds me of me. Thank yoy for listening ladies xxx

What a film!! I use to be in love with Andrew McCarthy... Seen a pic of him recently and was not so impressed lol! My film is the Keira knightly Pride and Prejudice as I rather like the Mr Darcy in that version... Had it on my ipad to watch post op this week!

a little escapism is good along with the brave face for friends and the crying by yourself. all have a place in coping with it all