Feeling numb

Hi all. I was diagnosed a week ago with stage 2. I've been told I need chemo and am due to start it this week. I have had several rounds of laser treatment in the past but this scares me so much more. Part of me feels silly for getting so upset about it all and I dont know what to say or feel 



im sorry you have to go through this. I had stage 2b abd was diagnosed last April I was treated with chemo/ radio and brachytherapy. It wasn't half as bad as I thought and is doable I know that doesn't make it less scary or worrying. I have been clear for 7 months now.


i hope this helps make you feel more at ease. If you want to ask any questions I would be happy to help.




I was diagnosed in Dec with stage 2b and have not long come to the end of the chemo / radio treatment.  As Laurann says the treatment wasnt as bad as I anticipated, and is doable. 

This forum has some great advise (warts and all !!) and I found this a real help whilst I was in treatment - just to know that the way I felt was 'normal'

Just remember to be kind to yourself and ask the medical team any questions you have - remember no questions are daft questions

Good luck with your treatment