Feeling nothing?!!

Hi all :)


as as you can see from the bottom I had 

cin 3 all removed last April last smear was in November all was fine 

Iv been back to the doctors today and im back again next Friday 

for another smear plus other swabs and also for the GP to have a feel and look about

sown there Iv been having pains in my back pelvis and legs 

and bleeding after sex not spotting literally blood pouring out

i know its not normal but could be any number of things so im trying not to worry

myaelf too much, what I want to ask is 


can the GP actually see if there is any Cancer there? I'm thinking worst case scenario 

however im not worried about it? It's so odd as last year when I was told I had CIN 3 I freaked out 

now im totally calm about this? 




nic x


Hi Nic :-)

Yes, if it's big and bad enough the doctor can see cancer. Mine did.

We all react differently, some people can get quite hysterical over not very much and others seem to glide through monstrous hurdles like a swan on a lake. Sounds as though you are coping admirably and that is never a bad thing.

Be lucky


Hi, thank you for your reply


iv managed to get a cancellation appointment for this

afternoon fingers crossed it's nothing xx

Hi Nic

Hope it went well for you with the GP today and they were able to help you