Feeling not right done below

Hi ladies I'm 6 weeks after my radical hysterectomy I've got obsessed that my bits don't feel right I feel really heavy down below and I'm terrified of having sex is this normal to feel like this thanks x


I'm 4 1/2 wks post op and know how you feel. I am still quite numb in my groin area and inner thigh and my pelvic area always seems to be heavy, getting worse as the day progresses so that evenings can be quite uncomfortable...

I have been doing some deep breating exercises on a MP3 player that I got from my Sophrology sessions which help. They are 5-10 minute deep breathing, focused visualisations to relax the body and focus the mind positively which help my abdomen area to feel so much lighter, less tight for an hour or so afterwards, so I don't know if u can find something similar you could listen to on the internet? 

Sex is a scary thought which will make everything tense up and feel worse anyway so don't put yourself under any pressure there as that certainly will not help!!! Hopefully, someone a bit further down the line from us can help. I know Annabel has written a couple of very helpful posts about this so have a look through some of her past posts.

let me know how you get on, I will be watching for your posts as I am not far behind you...

xxx dons

Hi Mazzy,

It's quite normal to have some fluid retention in your pubic area, which might explain the 'heavy' feeling. It should ease off in time.

I think that most of us were nowhere near ready to think about sex at 6 weeks and that for many of us it takes quite a few months for us to adjust to everything that's happened to us and to get used to our new 'internal topography'. It  is different - but you do get accustomed to the new setup in time.

Just be patient with yourself and take it easy and don't feel pressured to do anything that you aren't ready for. Ignore NHS timelines; they are worse than useless - just litsen to your body and your heart and you'll get there. xxx

Hi Mazzy,

It does take a good while for things to re-adjust post surgery so give yourself plenty of time. As Rosehip says definitely ignore the NHS guidelines, you're the best expert on you and you'll know when you are feeling healed enough. 6 weeks is pretty early days and although a surgeon would propbably class you as all healed and ready to run round the block, it often takes us mere humans a few more months to be feeling better and regain confidence in ourselves.

Take it at your own pace and be kind to yourself xx