Feeling lost following Lletz treatment

Hi, I had colposcopy and lletz treatment 3weeks (almost 4) ago. Been to see the doctor today to discuss my results. I feel so lost, I got married on the 4th of October and me and the new hubby have been eager to try for over a year. This is all such crappie timing!!! Basically my results showed cin3, they are happy that they got everything during treatment, I have to be seen in 6 months (now 5) for follow up smear. What do I do… Try for a baby and push back finding out or takin the risk that it will be good in 5 months then try? 5 months feels like a life sentence tbh. Also my receptionist told me yesterday my results came back normal (I had to dig to find out the stage etc from gp appointment today which is horrendous) last night me and the hubby had test run knowing I’m not really fertile until the 16th -20th (tmi sorry) and the pain was really bad, the sperm touching the cervix was like salt going into a fresh wound!! Feel so down and really not sexy at all!!! All the discharge etc has stopped. Waiting on phone call from consultant over next couple of days to discuss options. Can you get smear during pregnancy etc? I feel clueless :frowning: xxxx

You are not meant to have sex for upto 4 weeks or you wont heal properly..personally id go for ur next smear before trying hun xx

Hi I completely understand where you are coming from and I could have written your post myself! I got married in sept and have been putting of ttc for over a year too. Came back off honeymoon ready to start, but came home to a letter calling me in for a lletz. That was 8 weeks ago and I had CIN2 which was all removed by the treatment So will be called back in 6 months. I personally have decided that I am going to ttc straight away as I don't want to risk waiting another 6 months and then have the possibility of being referred back to colposcopy again. I did ask the doctor who performed my treatment if it would be OK and he said if the results were good then yes go ahead. i have read that some places will do a smear whilst pregnant and others will call you back after baby is born, I think it depends on your location. 

I hope that helps you a bit but ultimately its your decision if you chose to wait until after the 6 month smear or not.