Feeling lost, Erosion, low grade and HPV


A few years ago I discovered I had cervical erosion discovered becauase I was bleeding during sex., I changed my pill and all went back to normal. I am now 25 and the bleeding started again, I was due my first smear, went to have it and i blead during and the nurse could see changes in my cervix. The results came back and I had low grade and HPV. I went for the colopscopy and have had 2 biopsy done. I am really worried as they didn't talk me through any of it becauase I found it really uncomfortable. Just told the results would be back in 4 weeks. I don't know what to expect and feel really lost. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I don't know what to expect? Thank you xxx

I've recently had an erosion and treatment and had biopsies taken too. All clear, i just have the HPV. Did you have your erosion treated a few years ago? Could it have reared its head up again? x

Hi, no I had no treatment, I just changed my pill and it cleared up. I'm just concerned that now I have HPV, what the results of the biopsy will come back as

 Thank you x