Feeling let down

Am 3 weeks post treatment and feeling let down and angry and can not shake it off I was pregnant last year and 3 months into my pregnancy I started bleeding so I was back and fourth to my hospital having checks and scans and all that was saying that everything looked fine then that told me that I had I tilted cervix and looked like a lump on it but that still done nothink about it so that started me off 3 weeks early to have my beautiful baby girl I went for my smear and found out I was stage 2b am just thinking if the hospital had done there checks right that mite have found it sooner and at an earlier stage sorry to vent on here x

Hi. Mine was found d during pregnancy, and our little boy was stillborn at almost 19 weeks! :-( 

Unfortunately I am in a similar position cvs. Although I am yet to start treatment, I have been staged at 2b. During my pregnancy my midwife said she could feel something on my cervix but that it was probably fibroids and it would be checked out during/post labour. It is in my notes. This check never happened and having had a difficult recovery from birth I didn't think of it until I was diagnosed. If they'd done their job properly I may not be in the situation I am in now. I don't know what to do about it. Cns said I can write a letter of complaint and they can look at their policies for the future....sort of doesn't make me feel any better and no I can't have any more children.


Helsweld, I'm so sorry about your little boy xx

Thanks...We are of the opinion that if he wasn't there, we wouldn't have known for a while as I had no symptoms until I got pregnant. We even had a little girl 2 years before and had no problems, even had a home birth! As a midwife myself, I would have made an appointment for a colposcopy should I have felt something! I am not bashing anyone here, but I feel it needs to be brought to the attention of management! Or via PALS at the hospital. 

Lots of love, helen and Angel Jude x

Sorry for your loss helsweld I just feel so angry thinking back thay really need to do somethink about it thanks for your replys xxx

Every cloud has a silver lining and all that as if they had found it chances are you would have been recommended to terminate your pregnancy. They should have done something totally agree but focusing on the positives xx