Feeling ill 2weeks after lletz

hiya ladies had my lletz two weeks ago, had no blood and just watery discharge until the weekend and since then a watery blood mixed one... Also I went back to work on Monday as I had time booked off and have come down with a back ache  and flu like symptoms and I'm worried the two might be connected... Also (sorry if way too much tmi ) some sort of hard pretty large scab came away today when I went to the toilet was shocked to say the least!! 


Just feel vile ATM 

Hi Ruby

Ring your GP. You may have an infection and a simple course of antibiotics will clear it up. xxxxx

Hi Ruby,

Me too but I think I've had unrelated gastroenteritis since Sunday, raging temp and unable to keep anything down. Only have mild spotting now but no sign of the scab coming away unless I've missed it?? Call the docs if you have any worries in case it is an infection.

Any news on your results? Kind of hoping that no news is good news.

Sending hugs


hi Ruby

im feeling the same :( but I did have quite heavy bleeding over the weekend and now as you say watery blood. as above though I too habe not seen any scab :/ best just to give your doctor a call, the whole process is so very tiring and think that just wears you down :(

good luck


hiya ladies went and visted my gp, told her id been feeling awful and pretty much burst into tears iv been so emotional recently,  she had a look couldnt see any obvious signs of infection but gave me a seven day course of antibiotics to be on the safe side no point in risking it... she looked to see if my results where back and they are not.... so more waiting!! everytime the phone rings or the postman comes im on edge! xxxx

Sorry you're having a tough time Ruby and still waiting on results. Chin up :) big hugs xx