Feeling helpless

Today’s a bad day! Woke up feeling like I’m just not getting the support I need! All of my finances have been messed up since being diagnosed! I had to come out of work! Every time I ask for help either from Macmillan or a benefits advisor i feel like i’m bejng fobbed off from one to the other! I’m still not sorted!
I had my final chemo on fri/sat and think its effecting my mood because I’m crying all the time and by wanting to be around people who don’t understand what I’m going through! sorry for my rant but I feel a little better getting it off my chest! I just feel so alone right now while trying to put a brave face on things for everybody else so I don’t depress them! :frowning:

Laura x

I’m so sorry you’re having a bad time Laura,
You’ve done incredible… Your last chemo is all done :slight_smile:
I had/still having a nightmare with finances… Statutory sick pay is an absolute joke! … I spoke to my Macmillan nurse and she was no help, just gave me a website and felt like
I’d been fobbed off too.
I then spoke to my nurse whilst I was in hospital who worked closely with my consultant and she was incredible! Wrote a letter for me and everything… Maybe if there is anyone else within the nurses you could speak to?

Take care, stay strong - you can do this

Em xx

Thanks em, it’s so dis heartening when alls you can think about is trying to get better then you just have these silly things that can knock you so easily! my emotions are so bad at the moment feeling like I’m pushing everybody away! my sisters are fantastic an take it all on the chin and my dad! My mother on the other hand is as usual her selfish self it’s all about how she’s feeling and how it’s effecting her!

Oh dear yet another rant! Sorry

Laura xx

As for speaking to my specialist nurse! Been there an still got no where xx

You rant away!! That’s exactly what we’re here for!!

I know what you mean about people being selfish! I’d say I’ve lost a … What I thought was … Good friend through all this. She was unbelievably selfish and didn’t even bother and it upset me so much that I concentrated on the people there supporting me and now she’s out of my life. It’s sad that you go through something so major and realise people aren’t who you think. But use the people that are incredible in your life, I feel so blessed to have those people now.

I’m sorry to here about your nurse… What about ask the expert on the Jo’s Trust website?? Or maybe even try the helpline? Failing that … I did have to burst into tears infront of nurse!!

Lots of love and a big hug

Em xx