Feeling guilty.

I'm 17 weeks pregnant.  I had a pap done a couple weeks ago. It came back HSIL CIN3 and CIS. intercourse is painful. I feel guilty for not having sex with my husband. He has been very understanding and hasn't pushed the topic. But I just feel... Idk... inadequate. Does anyone else feel this way? 


If your husband is understanding and you are in pain please don't

feel guilty or inadequate because you can't have penetrative sex.

If you want to be intimate with your husband there are lots of other

loving things you can do together.

I'm sure your husband wouldn't want you to feel that way :-)

In a long term relationship sex comes and goes for both parties....

Love and understanding is the main thing.

Try not to be too hard on yourself when your body and mind is

going through changes(with the baby)

Hope all goes well for you.

Take care

Becky x



Thank you Rebecca!  You're right.  If it continues to be painful we can find new ways to be close.  I think the emotional will get better after testing is complete.

I'm sure it will.It's a hard time for you both.

All the best x