Feeling fed up and worried about the future

I have posted on here a few times but here’s my story in case anyone has missed it:

2022 my smear came back HPV positive but no abnormal cells. 2023 smear came back HPV positive and low grade dyskaryosis. Went for a colposcopy and biopsy which results then came back “inadequate” a few weeks later. After speaking to the colposcopist she said they couldn’t get a good enough sample from my cervical canal so would have to redo. Originally told back in 3 months for a redo but after telling her I was previously TTC she was on the fence about putting the redo off for a year.

I am desperate for a baby and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS so feeling really unhopeful about my future having children. I am also now late on my period after the biopsy, which has just added to the stress of it all when I was trying to get my body on track from the PCOS diagnosis (taking supplements and eating well). I’m not even sure when I can start TTC with my partner again because of the potential redo in a few months.

I know some people have it worse, I am thinking of you all. The waiting is the worst and I just want answers either way now tbh. Part of me wishes I could’ve just had it removed there and then, but then there’s worry of that affecting fertility too. It’s never ending….

@llihl13 just wanted to send a hug your way. I know what an emotional and stressful time it can be TTC (took me 2 years to fall pregnant with my first) and add PCOS and CIN1 into the mix, life can be cruel sometimes. Stay strong & try to focus on the positives just now & everything else will fall into place, easier said than done I know. x

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Hi @Lou_44 thank you for replying. So pleased you finally managed to conceive, what worked for you in the end? Do you have PCOS/HPV or know why it was harder for you?

I am really on the fence about trying again, I think because I am late on my period I might just go for it as it’s unlikely it will happen soon anyway x

@llihl13 there’s no rhyme or reason sometimes to falling pregnant - it took me 2 years the first time and then just 3 months the second time.

I don’t have PCOS but my cycle was way off the ‘normal’ that they tell you is the best time to conceive, my fertility window was much later than it is on average for most people and in the end I started using ovulation test strips which worked for me very quickly, I wish I’d tried these sooner than 2yrs, I was an emotional wreck by this point & everyone around me seemed to be falling pregnant and so easily. They would probably be really helpful when TTC with PCOS, I didn’t get anything expensive or fancy, just cheap test strips from Amazon & cheap pregnancy test strips from there too. I guess just really understanding your own body is the best advice I could give. Good luck. x