Feeling emotional

Hi lovely ladies it has been a while since I posted on here! But today I felt the need to pop on as I'm having a bit of a wobble...16 weeks post radical hysterectomy  still not feeling 100 % but getting there...

i think it's only the last few weeks that ive started to take in what I've been through..and now I'm coming up for my first check up I'm starting to worry again that what if they find something...I feel like I've had the summer off to recover and not really think about the cancer word but now im due a check up it's all come flooding back!

hope that makes sense I'm not entirely sure it does..

so had a few tears today but have given mys of a good talking too now! 

hope everyone is as well as they can be 


Kay x

Hi Kay 

i to am awaiting my results so can relate to those feelings, our minds certainly like to go into over drive as something is on the horizon.  

I think we all need to take the time to accept and knowledge what we have been through and have a jolly good cry, it's only this past week I have really accepted what has happened and is happening and I've shed more tears than I thought my eyes could hold but I can say I feel better for it.

good luck with your results, stay strong, keep smiling xx

Hi Kay 

what are feeling is very normal and unfortunatly it's part of this whole journey. I still get feelings of anxiety and work myself into an emotional mess leading up to my appointments. 

This is the part of the journey that you have to focus on centering yourself after all the craziness. Find an outlet to help you through tough times. Yoga or walks. Keep a journal or distract yourself. Everyone is different from what helps them mentally. 

Keep in mind you are not alone and don't let yourself to fall deep into a personal abyss. If you are overwhelmed seek help before it wears you totally down. Many cancer survivors/patients have post treatment depression. 

make a contract with yourself that if you are having more bad days then good days over the period of a month then seek help through your family dr!!!

try new things that you never thought you would be interested in. Sometimes all it takes is something to capture us or change our perception. 

Sending you a big hug. 

We all need to cry now and again. Don't try to stop yourself.. It's natures safety valve.

I find it useful to vent my tears and anger on the cushions.. when no-one is looking.. I give them a good beating and throw them around a bit.. sounds crazy but it usually works :)

Thank you for your kind words ladies...I'm feeling a little better today...good days and bad days I suppose I should be used to them by now! Never mind onwards and upwards I guess lol x


I’m reading your posts while waiting at the reception for my first check up in UK. Everything is flooding back about the treatment and all side effects.. I want to cry right now right here. This jorney is not easy for us :( shame I cant attend on the meeting on October 7th :( maybe it would help to go through it