Feeling emotional and in pain

Has anybody else had pain everyday after lletz? I had a loop biopsy on monday 12th ive had some bleeding but nothing major but ive had pain every day. The last 2 days it feels different it was very sharp shooting pain yesterday and more of a constant pain today. Im feeling so emotional last 2 days im just randomly crying,  but i think its my hormones all over the place due to having my coil removed before the loop biopsy. How long has pain lasted with others?  Anybody else been emotional? I just wish i new somebody whose been through this so i could talk to them but ive ended up explaining what ive gone through to everyone instead. It didnt help that my parner accused me of cheating insted of surporting me as he googled it to try and understand what was gonna happen and came across hpv and it states its a std. He has since appolagised and has been more supportive but i just feel i cant talk to him about it now.

Hi Caz84, 

I can't comment on pain, as I am waiting to have my colposcopy next Thursday, but I most certainly am very emotional! My smear result was high grade dyskaryosis, and I have a cyst on my ovary and lots of spotting....... I have no idea if the cyst is even linked to my smear result and irregular periods and spotting. Some days I'm an absolute mess with worry, then I have a stern talk to myself which seems to last a day or so!  

Good luck, and hope you feel better xxx 

Hi Cleyres

Good luck for thursday it sounds like your having a tuff time already, i got myself worked up before the colposcopy but then i was ok, i didnt have much pain after my colposcopy,  i think mine is mainly due to my coil being out im used to having nothing at all. I dont think it helps that mine seems to look less than what it is my letters never said much just that abnormal result which needed to be looked at further and during my colposcopy the nurse said it looked mild and i shouldnt be called back so i relaxed but then results came back cin2 so had to have lletz wich was a bit of a surprise! So dont know what to think im just fed up of feeling pain and wanting to cry. I hope you get answers thursday xx