Feeling drained and exhausted after cone biopsy


Was supposed to be having 2nd lletz treatment and hysteroscopy last Saturday under general, but there was a sudden change of plan whilst I was under, and I ended up having a cone biopsy.  Apparently she wasn't able to carry out hysteroscopy.

Felt terrible on Sunday and picked up a bit by Tuesday but today I just feel completely drained and exhausted.

I had my first lletz treatment under general on 14th January so I'm wondering if maybe having two lots of general anaesthetic over a short period of time might have something to do with it?

Wonder if anyone can tell me if it's normal to feel like this.

Thank you xx



Heya :)

I had LETZZ, biopsy and mirena removal yday at about 4pm.  Mine was under local anaesthetic and was as a result of finding severe precancerous cells according to the doc!  Who was amazing. 


Just thought I'd say, I also feel really 'not with it' and knackered and I wasn't even put under- so you're not alone.

I have been under general before though (for something different) and you do feel a bit woozy afterwards for at least 48 hours.  So it's really important to take it easy for a few days, and listen to your body.  Some people even feel woozy a week after general!  I remember coming into work the day after an op and being put under and my boss told me off and told me to go home haha.


Sending you good luck and well wishes.

Thank you for your reply x  Yes, you're right ... maybe my body is just telling me to give myself time to recover.  I felt full of beans this morning and now have an overwhelming urge to lay down and sleep smile 

Hope you feel ok and get 'no more treatment needed' results through soon.

Take care



I am working today and have hidden somewhere to put my feet up and relax! Bleeding has started now and am anaemic so feeling away with fairies! 


I wish I was a man!!! Haha 

Bless you xx  Hope you've managed to stay hidden long enough to rest for a while smile  and that you start to feel a lot stronger soon.

The waiting for results is horrible!  Everything just feels in limbo at the moment - I'm praying for an all clear this time or it's going to be a hysterectomy surprised 

Take care and rest lots xx

Hi AJ D,

im curious how come u have to do so many procedures? They should pick one n just do it.