Feeling down

Been feeling very down and angry today and tired as I’m always on the go never stop as I like to keep myself biz to save me thinking about it and today I think I should have stayed in the house I’m in bed watching TV now and it’s nice and quiet just what I needed start my treatment on Tuesday and it’s all feeling very real to me now and frightening I just don’t know what’s ahead for me

I gave up work when I got my diagnosis as I an a childminder and didn't feel up to being chirpy around the children   on hindsight I may have done the wrong thing as I'm bored now but practically it was probably the best thing to do. Looking after 3 2 year olds 5 days a week, 10 hours a day requires a lot of patience and I didn't have it  tbh.

Have a relaxing weekend,  ready to start your treatment.  It's good to have a relaxed mind. Being stressed does nothing for anyone. 

I hope my post has helped you see how doable this thing is.nice got to say my treatment has gone quickly.  I did a countdown on my calendar and every Sunday I crossed all the days off. Tomorrow I shall be crossing them all out.

I do have two long braccy treatments over 2 weeks but I just think BRING IT ON 

I want to get rid of this invader cone what may. Obviously it's scary but we have to think of the end result rather than what can go wrong.

The worst thing for me has been the emotional side and I know there's a lot more tears to come BUT focus on the end result.

You can do this Leanne x 

Let us know how you're doing  x 

Start drinking plenty of water now. So far I haven't had any water infections and Im wondering if the drinking water before treatment helped as my bladder was flushed completely.  I might be talking rubbish but......

I have been off work from Nov as I had hurt my back that's when they found out I had cc and I'm so board now I am really missing work but I'm sure once I'm better I will be back xxx

I will do xx

So sorry to hear you are feeling bored and blue Leanne. I have found that keeping myself busy with small craft projects keeps the gremlins out of the head. Something easy you can carry with you at all times. Lots of women take knitting with them wherever they go but since I never learned to knit I have taught myself counted cross stitch embroidery. It does great things for your sense of achievement and self-esteem. Both very important.

Be lucky :-)

Thank-you xx

Feeling happy today just doodling in the house getting the washing done xx think I was just needing to chill out 

Welcome aboard the roller coaster....enjoy the ride!!

I learnt to crochet during my sick leave. Love it now. I went off sick even before I got diagnosis,had  infection after myLLETZ and then just stayed off until knew what was going on. Give yourself a quiet couple of days. Good luck with treatment xxx