Feeling Down!


I don't post very often but still pop on every now and again. It is nearly 7 years since my total pelvic exenteration and have always been very positive and grateful that having the operation albeit a big one saved my life but I have been struggling recently emotionally and don't know why.  Can any of you lovely ladies give me any advice, I know I should be glad to be alive and really don't like feeling this way especially after 7 years.


Love Julie x

Hi Julie,

Sorry to hear you're feeling down.

I can't help much with advice as I have only just been given the all-clear myself, so I'm still getting my head around it all emotionally.

But just wanted to offer my support, it's a major thing you've been through and even 7 years on I can understand why it can still be affecting you.

Hope you are feeling better soon

Sending big hugs

Lisa x x x

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Hi Lisa

Thanks for your reply and I am so glad to hear you have been given the all clear.


Hugs back to you


Love Julie xx

Hi Julie,

When I was in hospital, the lady in the bed next to me was recovering from a total pelvic exenteration and so I have some small idea of how traumatic it must be. Well done for getting this far and being mostly positive. You sound pretty amazing to me x

Anyway, it doesn't matter how long ago it was; you're dealing with the after effects of your treatment every day. I think we're all grateful to be alive (that's kind of a background feeling, don't you think?), but we're still likely to be up and down dealing with the day to day realities. 

So, you're allowed to feel down - after all you've been through you'd be some kind of megaweirdo not to have times when it gets to you. Being strong all the time is exhausting. The question is how to deal with it, so that you can move forward. I say not beating yourself up for being human is a start and finding some support to listen if you need to talk about it.

Friends and family are great but they don't always understand, especially if it seems ancient history to them (it isn't, by the way). Maybe you have a Jo's Trust or other cancer support group in your area you could pop along to? Otherwise, maybe it's worth considering some counselling? It can be really helpful to get things off your chest, especially if you've been holding stuff in for a long time. Or just come and have a rant on here - we can take it :)

Be good to yourself Julie, you deserve it. xxxx

Hi Rosehip


Thanks for your reply.  I will look into finding a support group or even some counselling as its something I have never had, perhaps it will do me good to speak to someone about it.  Family and friends have been great but as its 7 years I think its something they have almost forgotten about. 


How are you doing hunny?


Love Julie xx

Hi hun,

I had a total meltdown in January this year and have since been having weekly counselling at the local hospice. It's been hard emotionally, but really beneficial, and has made me understand the validity of my feelings and emotions, and to accept that I can change how I deal with things. I would really recommend it...

Big hugs,

Ceri xx

Hi Ceri

Thanks for replying and glad counselling has helped you, it is something my GP has mentioned to me so will speak to him again about it.  We also have a local Cancer Support Centre and will look into what they can offer.


Hugs to you too

Julie xx