Feeling down - rant! Sorry x

Having a VERY low day today - wishing these bloomin results would hurry up! Anyone else fed up of hearing 'no news is good news' or 'you'd have heard back the same day if it was anything more serious' - I know they're all probably right but every little thing irritating me at the mo! Had an appointment through for nerve studies due to unrelated ongoing problems of pins and needles across my head and down left side so that's coming up in just over a week. Think Im probably just tired and low so rant over!! Early night and hope for a better day tomorrow!

Colposcopy 4/11/2013 and Letz procedure to remove 5 areas of suspected CIN3. Told results will take 2-3 weeks but should get to me in 2.


Hi Furby! I had a very down day yesterday so know exactly how you are feeling!. It was the first day after my lletz and I felt certain the results will be bad!. Today I feel more rational but that could change tomorrow! It's very much an emotional rollercoaster which I think we all want to get off ASAP!!. I hope you don't have to wait much longer for your results. The nurse who was present at my lletz treatment followed me to the changing area where I was sobbing uncontrollably and said I could ring her next Friday as she would probably know my result by then and I should try not to worry too much as the consultant did say it didn't look like cancer!. I'm trying to cling to that!. The results can take different times depending where you live, I'm in the northeast. I had be a friend who had hers in four days and was given the all clear. X

wow! Four days is amazing! I've read a real mixed bag on here of ppl getting results in days to a 6 week wait and then being bad news. I was told that all results are sent via letter whether good or bad by my consultant and that he never rings with results so a very anxious wait for the post! I am in work but find myself thinking about it all afternoon! Post doesn't get to my house until after 1pm most days.

I'm sure all will be ok in the end x Hope you're feeling ok after your treatment. I was fine first week but this week having light bleeding every day and some cramps. x

I will still be getting a letter but the nurse knew how scared I am as she was also the one who took my biopsies and id rang her upset when I got the cin 2 and 3 results. I think she could see how much I'm suffering with this so said that she would hopefully be able to put my mind at rest sooner as the letters can take a while to get sent out. I'm also working through all this. I'm a manager of a department store and this time of year is so busy for us and trying to focus on the job at hand is so hard. Ive woke up this morning with slightly more bleeding but from what I've read that's normal so I'm trying to stay calm. Hope u have a better day today! Try and keep busy! I'm going out tonight with my sister who had also been through this, I'm hoping a few drinks and understanding company will do me good. X

Hi, I'm still waiting for my results after an extremely long 3 week wait already! I'm sick of hearing that saying too and just want news! Hope you get your results really quickly x