Feeling down - Loop diathermy 2nd time around (LLetz?) post op questions

Hi all

I wonder if anyone has had the same as me. I had 2nd loop diathermy treatment on Friday (previous was in 2008) and this time round seems so much worse.


first time I remember it bleeding forever, but this time I am so uncomfortable.

i had the procedure done at 9.30am but by the time I got home I had very heavy bleeding and ended up in a&e where I passed out. I was in there all day on a drip and despite them examining me they couldn't see where the heavy bleeding was coming from. It wasn't so bad while I was laid down but as soon as I got up it just seemed to pour out.

i had 3 days off (v sore) but now I am back at work (office). I have watery bloody discharge and can feel it coming out (sorry too much info) and finding sitting in my chair is v painful, and seeming to make the bleeding worse. I'm so tired and feel dizzy a lot of the time.

is/has anyone else experienced this, what can I do to relieve the pain? I have only been back 2 days but yesterday I had to go home at lunch as I didn't want to pass out again and when I got home I just slept for 2 hours.

i feel like a fraud at work as no one seems to know anything about it and I'm not one for just having time off If I'm not really ill. Am I over reacting/worrying for nothing or am I just a whimp?! I know it takes ages to heal but just want some reassurance and be good to have someone to chat to.

thanks for taking the time to read this, it's nice to be able to write this all down.

If you're worried Id maybe call the hospital for advice or speak to your gp? If you're feeling dizzy etc you might be slightly anaemic and your GP may prescribe you some iron tablets. 

Hope you feel better soon and heal well

Emma x

Hi, i had my second Lletz on Monday this will be my second in 8 weeks! I like you am struggling this time round, the pain is worse and further spread out.

Unfortunately i have an infection which doesnt help but everything just feels so much worse this time bleeding included! I like you posted on here yesterday as i felt like a fraud and a wimp as no one understands but its a horrible thing for us ladies to go through. Im glad i went to the gp as my intuition told me something was wrong and turns out i was right.

Do what you feel is right and keep your chin up xxxx

Thanks for your replies Emma and Boggis, much appreciated. It's good not to feel alone (although I wouldn't wish this on anyone).

i actually took a pillow into work with me today to sit on! Despite feeling very embarrassed it actually eased the pain quite a bit.

im hopeful that I haven't got an infection, and thinking that actually the discharge is probably keeping it clean. Just going to keep a close eye on it. 

Im so gutted I can't have a nice long soak in the bath though as that is normally straight where I head when feeling down and rough!

i hope you both recover quickly, and Boggis I hope your infection clears up quickly, I can't believe you had the same thing 8 weeks ago, mine was nearly 8 years ago!

im glad it is Easter, I get a couple more days off to relax and recover, us ladies really have to suffer in silence pretty much! I'm not really one for telling the whole office what is wrong especially this as it feels so personal.

Good luck, and would be nice to keep in touch x